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Oklahoma’s mild climate makes it home to more than a thousand types of insects. Many of them are harmless and most of them the average person will never encounter. But there are some that, if they make their way to your yard, they’ll be wreaking a whole lot of havoc.

At TurfWorks, we know a turf pest problem can make it difficult to enjoy a lush, healthy lawn, and we know that many home and business owners spend hundreds of dollars every year on lawn care and outdoor improvement. Backed by decades of experience treating–and living with–Oklahoma pests, the comprehensive turf pest control services from TurfWorks can help you love your lawn again while protecting the investment you’ve made in your outdoor spaces.

Types of Turf Pests in Oklahoma

Without long hard freezes but plenty of warm, humid air, Oklahoma is the perfect place for a variety of pests to thrive all year round. Some may seek shelter during the infrequent cold spells just to reappear seemingly out of nowhere once temperatures rise. What’s more, they seem to have impeccable timing, arriving to dig in moist spring dirt, chew on fresh blades of new grass, or destroy a dry and vulnerable yard.

Seven of the most common lawn insects and turf pests you’ll see in the Sooner State include:

  1. Grub worms, which are the larvae of several species of beetles and cause severe damage to turf. An infestation of grub worms can also lead to the intrusion of moles and gophers into your yard.
  2. Billbugs, which chew holes in grass stems to create a site for laying eggs. The damage they cause looks very similar to diseases like winter kill or spring dead spot.
  3. Armyworms and cutworms, one of the many species of caterpillars in Oklahoma. Larvae feed at night on the leaves of the grass, cutting plants off at the soil line and causing wave- or tide-like damage across a lawn.
  4. Mole crickets are active in spring and fall, dislodging plants and seedlings in well-watered lawns by burrowing beneath the surface of the soil.
  5. Japanese beetles, which feed on the leaves, flowers, and fruits of various plants.
  6. Chinch bugs, small black insects that feed on grass sap and release plant-damaging toxins, causing yellow or brown patches on your lawn.
  7. Sod webworms, small brown moths that lay their eggs in the grass, which the larvae feed on.

Without properly treating turf pest problems, your lawn becomes vulnerable and more susceptible to things like poor water drainage, erosion, fungal infections, and more.

Treating Turf Pests in Your Yard

The keys to successfully treating turf pests in your yard are to correctly identify them and treat them promptly with the most appropriate method. 

At TurfWorks, we have years of experience treating the most persistent and pervasive turf pests in Oklahoma, so no matter what species has taken residence in your yard, we likely know how to get rid of it. With precise applications and consistent treatment that targets the pests and not the surrounding plants or animals, we can help reduce or even eliminate the presence of pesky turf pests on your lawn. Then, they can recommend targeted treatment that addresses the bugs without harming the surrounding plants and animals.

Our experts can often identify signs of pest activity and apply a treatment in the same visit, saving you time and money while tackling the problem immediately. We can also help clear out areas of natural debris that may be providing the perfect place for certain pests to nest, or identify plants or brush in and around your yard that may be attracting pests or creating “insect highways” that are facilitating their spread.

For turf pest control to be effective, it needs to target the pest problem at its source and it needs to be preventative. This means determining why these turf pests have chosen your lawn to invade and develop measures to not only remove them but also keep them from coming back. 

TurfWorks offers a wide range of both basic and specialized turf pest control services to target your specific pest problem, treat it effectively, and keep it from recurring such as:

  • Barrier spraying
  • Spider web removal
  • In-soil pesticides
  • Targeted pest-control applications
  • Fertilization
  • Routine monitoring
  • Proper planting and maintenance techniques


Protect Your Lawn from Turf Pests with Proactive Solutions from TurfWorks

If you have a turf pest problem, then you need proven, professional, and personalized solutions. At TurfWorks, our pest control experts can create a customized turf pest treatment plan that addresses your yard’s unique needs, then develop a comprehensive care and maintenance approach keeping it strong, healthy, and resilient to future issues. We’ll revisit your property as often as necessary to get the infestation under control, then stay proactive on routine visits to maintain the results, all on a schedule and budget that fit your busy life and wallet.

You don’t have to tolerate turf pests in your lawn. Contact TurfWorks today at 405-494-6020 to request a free, no-obligation consultation and quote.

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