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Lawn Fertilization

Maintaining a healthy lawn requires constant, consistent attention, from watering and weeding to mowing and mulching. However, few people think of fertilization as a key factor in a lawn that flourishes. Just like in flower gardens and cultivated plants like vegetables, fertilizing helps your grass grow greener, stronger, and thicker. 

At TurfWorks, we take careful consideration of your yard’s condition and needs to develop a fertilizer plan that works in alignment with what you have instead of against it. That means identifying the type of grass you have and finding the root causes of problem areas to treat them effectively and appropriately. At TurfWorks, we’ve been helping families and businesses across Oklahoma discover the beauty of a full, lush, beautiful lawn.

Lawn Fertilization in Oklahoma

In order to remain healthy, a lawn needs the right mixture of nutrients—specifically nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These elements keep grass strong, helping it to take root and resist issues like drought, localized dry patch, or overwatering that can create patchy, sparse yards. Exactly how much of each nutrient your lawn requires will depend on a variety of factors, like what nutrients already exist in your soil, if you’re struggling with weed problems, and even the type of grass growing in the lawn itself.

In Oklahoma, Fescue and Bermuda grass are the two most common variants in lawns, but they require different soil compositions to stay healthy. Fescue, for example, is a cool-season grass, and cutting practices and fertilization should be shifted to adjust to the ideal growth and rooting phases when this grass needs nutrients the most.

The Trouble with DIY Lawn Fertilization

Many people think they can just fertilize their lawn on their own, and, in theory, you can. However, as with most lawn care, your lawn can benefit dramatically from the experience and expertise of fertilization from a professional lawn care company who knows how to produce the right results. For example, fertilizers come in both liquid and granular forms, and the right choice for your specific lawn requires extensive knowledge of grass types, existing challenges, and long-term goals. Depending on your lawn’s unique ecosystem, there may be fertilizers that hurt it more than help it, or that may be ineffective entirely. Moreover, much of the success of lawn fertilization is in application, including timing and technique. 

A professional lawn care company like TurfWorks also has easy access to helpful equipment like aerators that can improve the effectiveness and outcomes of your lawn fertilization but that the average household probably doesn’t have on hand. Aerating the tough, clay-like soil in Oklahoma is critical to successful lawn fertilization because it allows fertilizer, moisture, and nutrients to seep deep into the ground rather than resting on the surface. When these nutrients can reach the roots, the grass gets what it needs to thrive and grow deeper, creating a hardier lawn that is more resilient to hot temperatures, drought, and other stressors like foot traffic.

At TurfWorks, we know every lawn is as unique as our customers, and just like we get to know our customers, we also get to know their lawns. By combining our knowledge of the specific problems Oklahoma lawns face with a wide range of lawn care services, TurfWorks can help you determine the best fertilization plan to keep your lawn maintenance safe, simple, and sustainable. 


TurfWorks offers expert lawn fertilization services in Oklahoma, including:

  • Slow-release fertilizer application
  • Targeted fertilization during ideal times
  • Weed control to stop overcrowding of nuisance plants
  • Identification of nutrient deficiencies in the soil


In addition to knowing how and when to apply fertilizer, we combine weed control with our fertilization services because weeds inhibit the proper growth of your lawn. Additionally, a thick stand of turf also helps inhibit weed growth!

Discover a Beautiful Lawn with Fertilization Services from TurfWorks

Because every lawn is its own unique ecosystem and lawns across Oklahoma can vary greatly from one another, lawn fertilization here is not one-size-fits-all. Some yards will need targeted, recurring fertilization, while others may benefit from aeration early in the year and a fertilization  application right afterward. TurfWorks takes the time to study your lawn, identify its specific needs, and develop a fertilization plan to help it thrive.

At TurfWorks, we know sometimes you have bigger things to worry about than your lawn, so we take the stress out of caring for it, with professional fertilization and weed control services that fit your budget and your schedule. And, we’re so confident in the quality of our work that we guarantee our services and never require a contract. From weed control, landscaping, and hedge trimming to irrigation, pest control, and more, TurfWorks can help you love your residential or commercial landscape.

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Most people don’t realize how complex lawn fertilization can be until they try to do it themselves. Here are some common questions that we get from curious customers who want to improve their landscape but aren’t sure how.


Why should I hire a professional landscaping company?

TurfWorks provides comprehensive landscaping services ranging from weed removal to flower bed fertilization, all at a significantly lower cost than other companies. One of the advantages of working with a commercial landscaper like us is that we can fulfill all of your landscaping needs so that you don’t have to manage more than one landscaping company. This eliminates the potential issues that can arise when multiple contractors are involved, such as conflicting work schedules and overlapping responsibilities. Instead, TurfWorks can handle everything, ensuring a cohesive and flourishing landscape. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss any concerns you may have about your lawn.


When does my lawn need to be fertilized?

Knowing when to fertilize your lawn isn’t an exact science; it’s a skill developed over time based on a lot of experience, which makes the professionals the best people to do it. The right answer depends on a multitude of variables, such as the current state of your lawn, what types of grass(es) are growing in it, whether weeds are an issue, what your goals are with the lawn, and more.

For example, grass should be fertilized during its peak growth period. However, because of Oklahoma’s position within the variable climates of North America, residents often have more than one type of grass, all of which reach peak growth periods at different times. Sometimes, two grasses exist simultaneously in one lawn, and other times, one house might have entirely different grass than their neighbors. Bermuda grass, which is common in Oklahoma, for example, should be fertilized between May and September, when it is actively growing. Fescue, on the other hand, doesn’t start growing until the fall because it is a cool-season grass, so fertilization for fescue should occur later in the year. An experienced landscaping and lawn care company like TurfWorks can help you identify which grass you have and what fertilization type and schedule is ideal for your specific needs.


What kind of fertilizer should I use for my lawn?

Lawn fertilizers typically come in two forms: liquid and granules. Most people opt for liquid fertilizer because it is less expensive and easier to apply. Professional lawn care companies like TurfWorks, however, rely on granulated fertilizer, which is released more slowly. This ensures that grass has access to nutrients over a longer period of time, and it reduces the risk of burning a yard with too much fertilizer at once. It also prevents problems like liquid fertilizer washing away with rain. Professional companies have the experience, expertise, and equipment to apply lawn fertilizer accurately and appropriately to achieve the best results.


In addition to the physical form of your lawn fertilizer, you’ll also need to consider its composition. Most lawns benefit from a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen because it helps grass to grow. However, specific lawns might be fighting unique problems that need more targeted solutions than simply better grass growth. If a yard is mostly bare, the composition of fertilizer is best when it’s equal parts nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Conversely, if you’re trying to support flowering plants, a ratio of 3-2-1 nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is better. 


TurfWorks can explain how these ratios impact your yard and suggest smaller things you can do in between fertilization to keep grass healthy, such as leaving some lawn clippings, which provide additional nitrogen as they break down.

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