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Professional Outdoor Pest Control for a Healthy, Vibrant Lawn

In 2021 alone, families and businesses spent $105 billion dollars on lawn care and outdoor improvement. Too many of them, however, either can’t enjoy the fruits of their labor or see it literally eaten up, thanks to pests like mosquitos, ticks, armyworms, and grubs.


At TurfWorks, we know your lawn is a labor of love, and the time, money, and effort you spend making it beautiful is invaluable. That’s why we offer outdoor pest control as part of our comprehensive lawn care and landscaping services, helping Oklahomans get the most out of their yard all throughout the year. We tailor our pest control solutions to your unique yard and your unique pest problem to ensure the safest, most effective, and most natural results.

Pervasive Outdoor Pests in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, the weather is mild enough year-round that many types of pests thrive across all seasons. Some might seek shelter at the edges of your home during the colder months only to reappear seemingly out of nowhere once the sun comes out again. Some of the most common outdoor pests that cause the biggest problems in the Sooner state include:


  • Aphids and grubs, which can cause severe turf damage
  • Bagworms, an invasive species that can take over and suffocate certain species of trees
  • Ants, from fire ants that build huge mounds in your yard and sting to common house ants
  • Mosquitos, which thrive wherever there is standing water or sustained moisture
  • Armyworms and cutworms (caterpillars), the larvae of which feed on grass at night and cause tide-like damage across a lawn
  • Ticks, which carry diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease and love dense, overgrown wooded areas


At TurfWorks, we have years of experience treating the most persistent and pervasive pests in Oklahoma, and we rarely come across a species we’ve never seen. With precise applications and consistent treatments, we can help reduce or even eliminate the population of problematic pests in your yard so you can spend more time outside and less time on bug patrol.

Improve Your Outdoor Spaces with Outdoor Pest Control

Outdoor pest control is important for a plethora of reasons.


  1. Many insect pests can pose a health hazard to you, your children, or your pets.
  2. Pests can cause property damage, whether that’s by destroying the turf in your lawn, killing established plants and trees, or wreaking havoc on the materials of your home.
  3. Invasive pests can disrupt the natural ecosystem.
  4. Untreated pest infestations or outbreaks on your property can spread to neighboring properties, causing damage you might be liable for.


However, for pest control to work, it needs to be effective, consistent, and appropriate for the specific type of pest, and it needs to target the pest problem at its source. The pests that are infesting your residential or commercial lawn are choosing that area as their home because it is conducive to their lifestyle, whether it is excessive moisture that can be fixed with better irrigation solutions or an abundance of weeds providing shelter to unwanted insects.


TurfWorks offers a wide range of both basic and specialized outdoor pest control services to target your unique pest problem, including:


  • Targeted pest-control applications
  • Granular pesticides and/or spray liquid treatments
  • Preventative and curative treatments
  • Exterior barrier spraying
  • Spider web removal
  • Door and window seam spraying
  • In-soil pesticide installation
  • Full inspection of property to identify active pest populations and risk areas
  • Seasonal treatments to keep property pest-free
  • Preventative strategies


We can also identify any plants in your yard that might be attracting pests, trim trees and brush from around your house that pests may be using as “insect highways,” and clean out areas of natural debris that provide excellent nesting places for certain pests.

Protect Your Lawn with Pest Control Solutions from TurfWorks

Don’t let bothersome pests keep you from enjoying a beautiful, healthy lawn. From crawling critters like ants and spiders to stinging insects and destructive digging grubs, the team of professional lawn experts from TurfWorks can identify, treat, and eliminate pests and their eggs so you can love your lawn even more. We offer an array of pest control treatment plans to fit any budget and any schedule, so you can find the one that’s most convenient and affordable for you. And, we’re so confident you’ll be completely satisfied with the results and quality of our work that we guarantee all of our pest control services and never make you sign a contract.


Whether you need pest control, a landscape overhaul, or routine flower bed maintenance, TurfWorks can help comprehensive lawn care and landscaping services tailored to your unique lawn. Call today to request a free quote!


Nothing can ruin a luxurious lawn like pests, but trying to treat them can be a headache all its own. For pest control methods that get rid of pests and make sure they stay away, it’s best to ask the pros.


Do landscape companies do pest control?


Not all landscapers deal with pest problems, but TurfWorks is proud to offer a range of services that include not only landscaping and lawn beautification but pest control as well. Our team of trained and licensed professionals can identify and treat the most common and harmful pests plaguing Oklahoma yards, including insects, rodents, and diseases. From preventative measures to keep pests at bay to safe, effective treatments for existing infestations or problems, we take the time to develop a customized plan for keeping your lawn healthy and pest-free. We’ll assess things like the type of grass you have and your soil conditions and identify problems like drainage or overgrown areas that may be harboring pests. Then, we’ll use environmentally friendly and safe pest control methods that are effective while minimizing any impact on your lawn, your family, and the environment.


Will using pest control harm my children or pets?


One of the greatest dangers of many commercially available pest control products is the potential health risks that they can pose to children and pets who come into contact with the product. Sometimes, the effects of certain chemicals can last long after the initial application. 


At TurfWorks, we focus on natural pest control solutions whenever possible. This means that if we’re targeting grubs, we will use a specific solution that works only on grubs, rather than a broad-spectrum product that could be hazardous to pets, children, or even wanted insects, like honeybees. We also plan our pest control services around your schedule and notify you when we’ll be coming, so you can make sure your pets and children are inside, further reducing their risk of exposure.


Can pest control be permanent?


Pests come in a range of shapes and sizes, but one thing is true about almost all of them: they are persistent, and many will return to some degree despite pest control. However, by addressing the environmental factors providing pests with a haven and with regular, consistent treatments, your pest control efforts will be more effective and longer-lasting.


At TurfWorks, we take a “bottom-up” approach to pest control by addressing part of the cause of your pest problem. For instance, a yard overtaken by weeds and with poor water drainage creates a perfect environment for mosquitoes to breed and thrive, and so it is more likely to experience an outbreak or infestation, while thick underbrush and untrimmed trees are a haven for ticks.


Professional services like weed control, landscaping, and tree trimming can help remedy many of these problems, and while they may not rid your yard entirely of those pesky pets, there will be a significant reduction in the population and a dramatic difference in the enjoyability of your lawn.


What does outdoor pest control involve?


While general spraying or pesticide treatments work on many species of insects, other outdoor pests require specific treatment methods. Here is how TurfWorks eliminates some of Oklahoma’s most problematic outdoor pests:


  • Bagworms require a high-pressure spray to cover the tree’s foliage and branches, permeating the bagworm colonies. Bagworms usually hatch in April, then start feeding on your trees, and the earlier we can get to them, the better.
  • Armyworms exact rapid and severe damage on your lawn. After we apply our treatment, we’ll help your lawn recover with fertilization and conditioning.
  • Fleas and ticks can (and should) be treated year-round with granular or spray pesticides applied three feet out into your lawn and three feet up the exterior of your home, as well as around multiple areas of your landscape.
  • Chiggers are also treated year round because not only do they overwinter in your soil and emerge in the spring to lay their eggs, but sudden population growths can be triggered by any of a number of factors, including the weather.
  • Mosquitos are typically treated on a monthly basis from April through October using a backpack fogger to treat around your home, shrubs, flowerbeds, and any wooded areas. Our treatments kill existing mosquito populations and deter new ones from moving in.
  • Wasps can be kept under control with proper landscaping and lawn care maintenance as well as routine inspections.

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