Oklahoma’s Lawncare and Landscaping Task Calendar

Oklahoma, and Zone 7 more broadly, gets its fair share of all kinds of weather, temperatures, and moisture levels throughout the year. That means your lawn care strategy needs to be flexible and able to adjust with the seasons. While every lawn is unique and requires its own type of care, here’s a general roadmap to keeping your Oklahoma lawn healthy, strong, and beautiful all year round.


Pre-emergent Herbicide Application: Now’s the time to give your lawn a good dose of pre-emergent herbicide to prevent annual weeds like crabgrass from sprouting and gaining a foothold in your yard. Pre-emergent herbicide should be applied when the soil temperature is around 55°F, typically late February or early March in Oklahoma. This preventative step will help save you expense and headache on weed treatments later in the year.


Tree and Shrub Trimming: Winter is the perfect season for trimming trees and shrubs. Doing it now minimizes the stress on the plants and helps keep diseases from spreading. Snip away any dead, damaged, or diseased branches, and shape them how you like.


Spring Clean Up: Warming weather is a good time to clear away any leaves or debris that has collected on your lawn. This allows sun, water, and nutrients to reach the grass roots more effectively.

Feeding the Lawn: Your lawn has been dormant all winter, but now it’s ready for the nutrients it needs to green up and grow. Use a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer, but make sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid over-fertilization, which can burn up the grass.


Core Aeration: Core aeration is essentially pulling up small plugs of soil from your lawn. This helps to alleviate soil compaction, improve water and nutrient absorption, and stimulate root growth. While this is usually a spring task, it can be a great way of preparing your lawn in the fall as well.


Overseeding: If your lawn is looking a little thin or patchy, you may need to overseed it to fill in any bare spots and boost the overall density and health of your lawn Choose an appropriate grass variety for your lawn that thrives in Oklahoma, like Bermuda, perennial ryegrass, buffalo grass, zoysia, or fescue. The right type of grass depends on factors like your existing lawn, the amount of shade it gets, and your watering schedule. 



Watering: As the temperature rises, so does

 your lawn’s water requirement. Lawns typically need about 1 inch of water per week, including whatever the rain brings.


Mowing: Establish a mowing schedule that keeps your grass about 2.5 to 3 inches tall. This helps shade the soil (which reduces water evaporation), keeps pesky weeds in check, and prevents the grass from getting too thick to mow efficiently.


Post-emergent Herbicides: Post-emergent herbicide is a good way to treat weeds that may have survived or cropped up after your pre-emergency treatment. Weeds compete with your grass for sun, water, and nutrients, so get rid of them before they take over.


Summer Upkeep: Summers in Oklahoma can be brutally hot and dry, a big departure from the cool, wet spring. Evaluate your mowing, water, and weed control schedules. You may need to mow less frequently, or mow at a higher level to help the grass stay cool and moist. If the weather’s particularly hot and dry, you might need to water a bit more often, and try to avoid using pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers on hot or dry grass.


Pest Control: Keep an eye out for signs of lawn pests, like brown spots, and treat as needed.


Disease Control: The summer heat and humidity can sometimes encourage lawn diseases. If you see any strange spots or discoloration, it might be time for a fungicide treatment.


Fall Feeding: A good feeding in late fall can help prepare your lawn for winter and encourage faster greening when spring rolls around.


Fall Tidy-Up: Keep your lawn clear of fall leaves and debris that can suffocate grass, cause mold or mildew, and harbor pests.

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