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Sprinkler System Repairs and Maintenance

A lush lawn requires constant attention and careful watering considerations, especially in Oklahoma, where we can receive temporary deluges of water followed by long stretches of drought. Many homeowners may know that fertilizer and regular mowing are important, but irrigation is a commonly overlooked element that plays a big role in the well-being of a yard. Even if it rains often in your part of Oklahoma, an irrigation system will ensure that your grass gets the even water coverage and density that it needs to thrive.


At TurfWorks, we examine each yard individually to determine the specific layout and organization for its ideal irrigation. We’ll design the right system to meet your lawn’s needs, then install and even maintain it so that it will continue serving your property with adequate, appropriate, and reliable water for years to come.

The Need for Irrigation

The key to a beautiful, full lawn is what’s happening beneath it. The roots of your grass need to absorb phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium from the soil in order for the blades to photosynthesize sunlight into nutrients and sugars. If the soil is dry and packed, the root systems won’t have the moisture needed to conduct these critical processes, causing the grass to go dormant. This leads to a patchy yard that grows at inconsistent rates in inconsistent places and even turns brown or yellow.


Depending on the type of grass you have, the soil variety in which it grows, and even the weather from year to year, rainfall alone may not be enough to keep your yard healthy. Not only does irrigation help deliver much-needed water deep beneath the surface of the ground, it also keeps the soil moist enough for the roots to function and grow properly. It also ensures all areas of your lawn receive equal and adequate amounts of water necessary to help it thrive.

Common Irrigation Problems

Irrigation is critical to a lush lawn, but it’s also a complex process. When installed, programmed, and maintained properly, irrigation systems can pay dividends for your yard. However, if the system is not installed by competent professionals—or if you try to do it yourself—it doesn’t take long for problems to creep up. The most common problems with irrigation systems are sprinklers that do not fully shut off. The gradual drip creates constant, free-flowing water that never gives grass a chance to dry, contributing to overwatering and sending your water bill through the roof.


Nozzles on the sprinkler heads can also become clogged, interfering with the proper flow of water and leading to inconsistent watering. This causes pressure to build up behind the clog, damaging sprinkler heads and resulting in leaks that drive up water costs. If the spray pattern is not correctly calibrated, some parts of the lawn may get too much water, while others don’t get enough. This is why irrigation design, installation, and maintenance are best left to the experts.


TurfWorks offers professional irrigation services in Oklahoma, including:

  • Irrigation system installation
  • System diagnostics
  • Irrigation repairs
  • Winterizing
  • Springtime startup preparation
  • Rerouting and zone creation
  • Installing drip tubes in seasonal potted plants

Trust TurfWorks for Expert Irrigation and Sprinkler System Services

Whether your existing irrigation system isn’t working like it should, you need to expand or redesign your coverage, or you need a new solution all together, the experts at TurfWorks can help. TurfWorks is a local, full-service lawn care company committed to helping Oklahomans create their most beautiful landscapes. We can work with any budget and any schedule to provide the professional irrigation and sprinkler system services you need, when you need them, without the headaches, hassle, or long-term contract. 

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Irrigation can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With help from the pros, you can get the gorgeous green lawn you’ve always wanted.


Will installing an irrigation system ruin my lawn?

Irrigation systems are designed to be discreet and virtually invisible after installation; for most people, the only times they notice the irrigation system is when the sprinklers are actively spraying. However, in order to achieve a seamless look for your lawn, irrigation systems need to be installed properly and effectively, without digging up the entire yard or ruining the landscaping.


TurfWorks uses state-of-the-art technology to install your irrigation system without creating unsightly trenches. Vibratory pullers, for instance, use fast vibrations to separate the soil without damaging the grass. This allows enough space for the irrigation system to be properly installed in the ground, after which the grassy edges will fit back together like a seam. Hand-operated tools like this avoid the need for heavy machinery that tracks damaging treads across your yard, and, with the added benefit of increased and improved irrigation, your lawn will quickly heal from the minor trauma of this procedure and look even better than before. 


What is the ideal irrigation schedule?

Properly irrigating your lawn is a customized process because every lawn is different, even lawns that are right next to each other. Not only is the landscape of your yard different from your neighbor’s, but the grass may not even be the same species, which means that it might need more or less water at different times of the year or even different times of day. To prevent overwatering, water waste, and a muddy yard, irrigation should not be done daily, nor should it be done for long consecutive periods of time. However, you do want to make sure your lawn is getting adequate water and you’re getting the most effective use out of your irrigation system. For most irrigation systems, sprinklers will go off two to three times a week for anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the size of the lawn, the spread of the sprinklers, local weather conditions, and more. 


TurfWorks makes setting up your ideal irrigation schedule easy. We’ll determine your yard’s needs and then install an irrigation system that works off of a programmable timer, so you won’t need to turn your system on and off yourself. Some systems even come equipped with tools that sense the weather and moisture conditions in the soil, increasing or decreasing watering as necessary. What’s most important is the duration of watering—if sprinklers come on frequently but don’t stay on for very long, this can encourage the grass to bring its roots closer to the surface to capitalize on the minimal amounts of water that don’t penetrate very deep. This leads to weak grass that is easy to damage. Instead, less frequent but longer irrigation results in strong roots that penetrate deep to keep soil in place. 


Once your irrigation system is running smoothly, TurfWorks can also regularly check on it to make sure that necessary repairs are completed before they become a problem. Before winter, TurfWorks will also properly shut down the system so that the water lines don’t freeze.

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