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Comprehensive Fungal Treatment Services for Oklahoma Lawns

Oklahoma’s temperate climate provides the perfect conditions for fungi and other lawn diseases that can wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy yard. Whether it’s bald or dead spots, unsightly mold growth, or mushrooms, fungal problems have to be promptly and properly treated to keep from worsening and spreading.


As a locally-owned and operated lawn care company with decades of experience in keeping Oklahoma yards healthy, TurfWorks provides the comprehensive fungal treatment services you need for a lawn you love. Strategies that work in other parts of the country simply won’t do in Oklahoma, where lawns, soil, and grass types can vary widely–even within the same general area–and where mild temperatures allow infestations to thrive nearly all year round. At TurfWorks, we focus on creating fungal treatment plans tailored to your specific property for real results, using professionally-applied control products and appropriate watering and mowing practices to prevent future problems.


Identifying Fungi and Disease in Your Lawn


Turf diseases or infections can be difficult to identify and diagnose. Most homeowners don’t notice that a disease has taken hold until they start to see the side effects, usually in brown, dead, discolored, or bald patches of lawn. 


In Oklahoma, specific knowledge of the most common types of fungi and lawn diseases that can plague your yard is critical to creating treatment plans that actually work.


Other types of lawn diseases and fungi Oklahoma residents have to contend with include:


  • Brown patch, a hot weather disease that appears as rough circular patches
  • Leaf blight, which enters the grass after evening mowing followed by excessive night water. It damages the lawn in patches that form large, bleached-looking areas.
  • Rust, a disease that appears in alternating weather patterns of cool and wet to hot and dry
  • Spring dead spot, Oklahoma’s top turf disease which occurs in highly managed residential, commercial and recreational bermudagrass lawns, leaving round bleached white dead spots
  • Gray leaf spot, a common disease caused by a fungus that affects a variety of grass species and can quickly kill large areas if left untreated
  • Take-all root rot, a fungal disease that stunts the growth of turf grass, resulting in weak, brown, and dead patches
  • Dollar spot, which infects wet grass and begins to form round, damaged patches about the size of a silver dollar. 


If disease begins to plague your lawn, it’s important to address it promptly and correctly. If left untreated, many lawn fungi and disease will continue to spread and eventually compromise the roots of your grass, leaving your yard weak, unhealthy, and even more susceptible to pests, more damage, or new infestations.


At TurfWorks, we have decades of experience diagnosing lawn diseases and fungi in Oklahoma yards, so chances are, if you’re seeing a problem with your grass, we probably know what’s causing it and we’ll know how to treat it. 


Treating Lawn Fungi or Disease


If you suspect you may have fungi or disease in your lawn, it’s important to have it diagnosed properly and treated right away. Misdiagnosing the problem can allow the infestation to persist, making it harder to get rid of as it causes more and more damage. Waiting to treat puts your property–as well as the property around you–at risk, since studies have shown that some types of fungi have spores so easily spread that the wind can carry them more than 1200 miles from where they started and because infestations won’t go away on their own.


To be effective, your lawn fungal treatment plan needs just as much consideration as the diagnosis, including the weather and the season when you plan to treat. For example, some problems may clear up on their own with a change in the weather, but many more will require immediate attention to prevent spreading and permanent damage. 


TurfWorks provides comprehensive lawn fungal treatment services that ensure invasive fungi and disease is removed from your lawn for good. Our specially-formulated combination of fungicides and fertilizers is applied directly and evenly to the grass, where it can seep deep into the soil to address the current infections and protect against future outbreaks without damaging the grass itself.


Preventing Fungi and Lawn Diseases


There are a myriad of factors that could cause the lawn disease or fungi infestation in your yard. Stressful weather conditions such as extreme temperature, high humidity, drought, and excessive rainfall, as well as improper lawn care practices and poor soil conditions, can contribute to lawn disease and fungi. However, so can the thickness, height, and type of your grass.


This is why prevention and proactiveness play such a big role in keeping your yard free from fungi and disease. Preventing and managing fungi and disease in turfgrass is often much easier, more successful, and more cost-effective than constantly treating infestations.


At TurfWorks, we can help prevent the formation of fungi and lawn disease through lawn care methods and practices such as:


  • Planting certain grasses. Fescue, buffalograss, and zoysiagrass are fairly resilient to fungal infections because they tolerate drought well and don’t retain the moisture fungal spores need to survive. Bermuda grass, on the other hand, is highly susceptible to a wide range of fungal diseases, including rust.
  • Maintaining proper grass height and aerating soil. Grass that is too thick or tall to let sunlight in creates the damp, dark spaces fungal spores love to grow in.
  • Routine disease monitoring. In addition to checking your lawn for visible warning signs of disease or infestation, we’ll also test your soil and conduct a thorough analysis of your yard so we know where to focus our preventative efforts for better protection.
  • Fertilization. Healthy grass and soil is more resilient to disease and less vulnerable to damage, pests, and infection, and lawn fertilization keeps your lawn fed and healthy with nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
  • Preventative fungicide treatment. Preventative fungicide applications in the fall and spring can help prevent diseases from showing up later.
  • Overseeding. Overseeding fills in bare and vulnerable areas of your yard while encouraging new growth and strengthening the root system.



Take Care of Your Lawn with Fungal and Lawn Disease Treatment from TurfWorks


Lawn diseases and fungal outbreaks can keep you from fully enjoying your outdoor spaces. With routine lawn care and fungal treatment from landscape professionals like TurfWorks, however, you can keep your yard healthy and vibrant while keeping invasive problems at bay. 


At TurfWorks, our experts can create a personalized lawn care and treatment plan that is unique to your yard’s needs and vulnerabilities, including how often to fertilize, how to treat the fungus you have, and how to reduce the viability of future fungal strains so your lawn stays as healthy as possible. As part of our comprehensive services, we’ll revisit your property as often as necessary to get the problem under control and then proactively on routine visits to maintain the results, all on a schedule that fits your busy life.


Contact TurfWorks today at 405-494-6020 or use our online form to schedule a no-obligation consultation or simply ask more questions. You deserve to love a disease- and fungi-free lawn, and TurfWorks can help.

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