Flower Bed and Garden Maintenance

Beautiful Blooms–Flower Bed Maintenance

Flower beds give your residential or commercial property more than just a pretty face; they provide structure and function critical to keeping your entire property looking its best. Well-kept and well-designed flower beds help soak up excess water or draw it away from the foundation of your home or business, prevent water erosion, and keep your sidewalks and walkways clean and maintained. 


At TurfWorks, we make it simple for you to have stunning flower beds and landscaping all year round. With three flower bed maintenance plans available to suit your needs–all packed with professional lawn care and landscaping services and offered bi-monthly, monthly, or biweekly–we can help take the hassle and the sweat out of seasonal planting and flower bed maintenance

Why Flower Bed Maintenance Matters

Unlike wild varieties, the foliage in flower beds needs special care to thrive, and every type of plant requires something slightly different. For example, some flowering plants do best when old blooms are pruned to allow the roots to channel nutrients and moisture more effectively to new growth. Others may be susceptible to certain pests, or they might need more water or nutrients than what the Oklahoma soil provides. 


Flower bed maintenance also takes into consideration things like:

  • Sun exposure, to make sure certain varieties receive adequate sun
  • Shade, to make sure other varieties don’t get too much sun
  • Weed control, so weeds aren’t competing with the blooms you actually want in your flower bed
  • Aesthetics and design, to create the exact flower bed look you want


Flower bed maintenance can also improve the curb appeal and value of your property. Well-maintained flower beds add an element of professionalism and a feeling that you take great care of and pride in your home or business.


TurfWorks offers customized flower bed maintenance services that provide the unique care your flower bed needs while complementing the rest of your landscape. Because we’re familiar with Oklahoma soil conditions and climate, we have the knowledge, skills, and resources to help your flower beds look their best in any season.

What goes into flower bed maintenance?

Flower bed maintenance is more than just planting and pruning. It consists of all the small, daily tasks that keep your flower beds clean, beautiful, and healthy, like pulling weeds, controlling pests, proper irrigation, and monitoring soil composition. And, as any gardener will tell you, it’s the small things done daily (or at least routinely) that help keep a robust flower bed from going rogue.


However, few home or business owners have the time, equipment, or experience to make–or keep–their flower beds looking fresh and full. Professional flower bed maintenance from TurfWorks is an affordable and convenient way to have the most beautiful flower beds on the block without the headache of trying to do it all yourself.


Because TurfWorks flower bed maintenance is tailored to each individual home or business owner, the services that are included will depend on a variety of factors. However, in general, flower bed maintenance includes soil preparation, whether through mulching, fertilizing, or irrigation, as well as attention to the flowers themselves.


TurfWorks offers expert flower bed maintenance services in Oklahoma, including:

  • Flower and plant installation (both spring and fall blooms)
  • Trimming ground cover
  • Rotating, replanting, and recycling perennials
  • Deadheading (removing old growth from perennials so new stems can grow)
  • Weed removal
  • Mulching (replacement, installation, mixing)
  • Fertilization
  • Pesticides (on flowers and in soil)
  • Shrub trimming
  • Edging


We also provide specialized services for plants, trees, and pests most common in Oklahoma, such as:

  • Tree and crepe myrtle treatments
  • Soil treatments for sowbugs, aphids, and grubs
  • Bagwork treatments on junipers, cedars, and pines

Enjoy Fabulous Flower Beds without the Hassle with Flower Bed Maintenance from TurfWorks

From flower bed installation to redesign and routine maintenance, TurfWorks provides the comprehensive, customized flower bed maintenance services you need to have a lawn your neighbors envy. We’re local to Oklahoma, which means our team of experts knows just what it takes to keep your flower beds flourishing throughout all of our wild weather and surprising seasonal swings, and we do it with professionalism. And, we’re so confident you’ll be satisfied with the quality of work that we guarantee our flower bed maintenance services and never require a contract. 


If you’re ready for flower beds you can truly fawn over, call TurfWorks or fill out our convenient contact form to request a free quote today!


Looking for the best way to go from boring flower beds to bright and brilliant blooms? Ask the pros!

Does a landscape company only do flower bed maintenance?

Professional landscape companies like TurfWorks provide an array of customized landscaping services, including flower bed maintenance, to help your commercial or residential property look its very best. From weed control and fertilization to irrigation systems, we deliver everything your yard needs to stay stunning all year round.


By having a single company like TurfWorks manage all of your yard’s needs, you can experience a seamless and comprehensive care plan that’s tailored to your lawn’s unique requirements.


Will killing weeds and pests in a flower bed kill the flowers too?

Weeds and other pests are a constant threat to yards—not only to the grass, but to flower beds as well. Pigweed, purslane, and bull nettles are just some of the most common weeds that Oklahoma residents and businesses contend with year in and year out. When these nefarious actors spread roots in your flower bed, they restrict access to vital nutrients and compete with your flowers to absorb moisture and minerals. However, stopping this process requires specialized care.


Rather than relying on broad-spectrum weed killers that can also kill your flowers, TurfWorks utilizes specific weed and pest control to target the specific weed problem that you’re having. This includes, for example, using natural methods to destroy weeds or treating the soil against pests like aphids. We spray roses and combat bagworms on trees that are prone to them, like pines and cedars. If you have sow bugs or grubs eating the roots and soft flesh of your flowers, in-soil treatments can target these pests without stripping the flowers of their vital protective layers.

Do I need mulch in a flower bed?

There are a few reasons why mulch can help flower beds to grow better, but the primary one is that they serve as a natural blockade against pests and weeds. The thick layer of mulch, which is more difficult to burrow through than soft soil, discourages bugs from making their home at the roots of your plants. Similarly, weeds need sunlight to thrive, and mulch blocks those rays from reaching the seeds. Some people cover their garden soil with black plastic sheeting to achieve the same effect, but this can throw off the moisture and temperature balance that the soil needs, so mulch remains the more effective option.


Mulch is a versatile material, and it comes in an array of colors and varieties to complement your residential or commercial property aesthetics. High-quality mulch will gradually decompose over time and require replenishment, but this is a good thing. This means that all of the nutrients bound in the fibrous material of the mulch are gradually being introduced into the soil, where they can be used by the flowers to stay healthy.


Proper mulch application requires experience, and it is more involved than simply dumping bags of mulch until the flower bed is covered. Thickness and overall spread should be carefully cultivated to properly block sunlight without encouraging too much water to build up, which may cause root rot. Air flow keeps fungi and other diseases from impacting your flowers, and mulch should be fluffed or replaced as needed throughout the season. Mulch maintenance and application services like these are included as part of TurfWorks professional flower bed maintenance, ensuring your flower beds are always healthy and beautiful.

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With dedicated flower bed maintenance crews around the OKC metro, we are never far away! Our teams can keep your flower beds and gardens looking fresh and healthy. And because our team visits your property regularly, we can spot problems before they start.

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