Christmas Light Installation in OKC

Christmas Light Installation in Oklahoma City Without the Hassle

Nothing gets you in the holiday spirits quite like Christmas lights. However, if you’ve ever watched a neighbor or an old Christmas classic movie, you know hanging those lights can be no small feat. Weather, roof elevation, equipment, electrical issues, and more can make hanging Christmas lights not just a hassle but almost dangerous.

Don’t risk a comfortable Christmas season by trying to install your home or business’s Christmas lights yourself–trust the pros at TurfWorks to take care of it. Most installations only take a few hours and we can work with any budget and any schedule. Our work is guaranteed with a one-year warranty and includes installation, removal, storage, and purchase of heavy-duty, commercial grade, LED lights. We even have all of the auxiliary equipment necessary to hang them with ease, including quality clips, heavy-duty extension cords, three-way connectors, and dual-outlet lighting sensing timers.

TurfWorks Christmas light installation is truly a 360-degree service. We start with a free, no-obligation estimate. This quote will include the cost of installation, removal, and storage, as well as the cost of the lights. Lights must only be purchased the first year. We use heavy-duty LED lights, quality clips, heavy-duty extension cords, three-way connectors, and dual-outlet lighting sensing timers. 

Most installations only take a few hours, and we can work with any budget. Our licensed and insured team makes a hard job look easy. 

Our work is guaranteed–all new light installs have a one-year warranty on materials and labor. After the first year, we are happy to rehang lights that fall, but burned-out bulbs or other broken elements will be replaced at the owners’ expense. 

Why Choose a Lawn Care Company for Your Christmas Light Installation

Professional Christmas light installation is more than simply throwing a string or two up onto the gutters of your home. Because they already specialize in making your home or business look beautiful, lawn care companies like TurfWorks are the perfect choice for installing your Christmas lights. Their trained eye can take a bird’s eye view of your home, lawn, and landscape from an aesthetic standpoint, then discuss your goals and vision before creating a professional Christmas light display that dazzles with visual appeal.

Lawn care companies like TurfWorks are already licensed and insured with teams of experts who are trained and experienced on the equipment necessary to install Christmas lights properly, such as ladders and basic electrical components, and they’re already familiar working within the natural contours and features of your flower beds and landscaping. When the holidays are over, the company will come back out to safely and quickly remove your lights, then store them for you, saving you time, space, and headache.

Christmas Light Installation: DIY vs The Professionals

We all know the familiar sight: someone pulls the short straw and gets stuck out on a ladder in the freezing cold, struggling to hang the Christmas lights just right in the middle of a snow storm, trying not to fall or get electrocuted. It’s a common trope in holiday movies and books for a reason–hanging Christmas lights is a real hassle.


You could hang your Christmas lights yourself, but there are a number of reasons why you should call in a professional company like TurfWorks to kick off your holiday season. 

  1. First and foremost, installing Christmas lights can be dangerous. The Consumer Product Safety Commission notes that each year, about 15,000 emergency room visits are caused by decorating a house’s exterior for the holidays. Of these injuries, about 34% are caused by falls. Fires and electrocution are other potential problems, especially for homeowners who are not familiar with how to properly install lights. Using staples, for example, could result in accidentally puncturing the wiring. Not only could this give you a nasty shock, but it can even catch your house on fire.
  2. You only hang lights on one house (yours) once a year. We hang lights on hundreds of houses over the course of several months. While you may be perfectly capable of hanging your lights, we’re capable of hanging them perfectly, thanks to all that experience. Instead of struggling to hang your lights and hang on to the ladder, then crossing your fingers that everything turns out alright, call TurfWorks for professional installation and professional results.
  3. It never fails–you get busy and Christmas sneaks up on you. Before you know it, the holiday season is in full swing, the weather has turned miserable, and your Christmas lights are still stashed in the garage or the attic. By working with a professional company like TurfWorks, you can schedule to have your Christmas lights installed and ready to shine well before the holiday hustle, and probably in half the time it would have taken you. And, no more leaving lights up until June–we’ll even come take them down in a timely manner and store them safely until next year.

Trust TurfWorks with Your Christmas Light Installation in OKC

TurfWorks provides end-to-end Christmas light installation services, from a free, no-obligation estimate to a one-year warranty on all materials and labor. We can work with any budget, and our fast, professional, and efficient crews can hang your lights on your schedule, often within a few hours when it works best for you. We take care of everything, including purchase of lights in the first year, installation, removal, and storage, as well as rehanging and bulb replacement.*

Why stress when you can simply celebrate? Don’t spend another holiday season with the hassle of hanging lights yourself. Call TurfWorks for a free quote today!

*All materials such as light bulbs are covered under our one-year warranty. After the first year, we will replace burned-out or broken bulbs at the homeowner’s expense.


Because Christmas lights can be just as unique as the people whose homes are hosting them, the process of installing these decorations comes with its fair share of questions. 

What do I do if my Christmas light bulbs burn out?

At TurfWorks, we strive to make the holiday season as simple as possible so that you can stay festive. Our heavy-duty LED lights are only required to be purchased in the first year of installation, and you should expect to get plenty of use out of them without a problem, which is why we guarantee our work and offer a complete warranty for the first year that includes labor. That means if anything at all goes wrong after we’ve installed your Christmas lights that year, simply reach out and we’ll make sure that the problem is addressed!

After the first year, it’s completely normal for most Christmas lights to start to show some signs of wear and tear. While we are happy to rehang lights that fall, homeowners will be responsible for the cost of burned-out or broken bulbs, but we can certainly help you replace them properly. Replacing burned-out or broken bulbs is fast, easy, inexpensive, and can be included in next year’s regular installation project. 

Do I need to hire an electrician to install Christmas lights?

Most Christmas light installations can be run directly from the existing power sources that supply a home. Because TurfWorks uses high-efficiency LED bulbs and timers to control when your lights come on, your home’s current wiring is almost always sufficient to power your decorations. That means no electrician will be necessary in order to install your Christmas lights.

However, if you have a particularly grand vision that requires more substantial power usage, consulting with an electrician may be a good idea. Similarly, if you want to install outdoor Christmas lights but don’t have any exterior outlets, an electrician will need to install them before TurfWorks can hang your lights; for safety reasons, TurfWorks does not modify the electrical wiring of your home.

When should I install Christmas lights? 

While Christmas lights are a December and holiday-specific decoration, it’s smart to install them well before either of these events. In Oklahoma, winter precipitation tends to begin around the second week of October or the beginning of November, making scheduling and installation even trickier in what is already our peak installation season, so the earlier you schedule an appointment, the better! There is no problem with installing your lights in September if that works with your schedule; you don’t have to turn them on yet, and having it done early ensures you have plenty of time to enjoy the results. If possible, avoid Christmas light installation in December for several reasons. Not only can the weather make installation more difficult and dangerous, but our schedule is already nearly full by that point and you want to get as much use out of your new lights as possible! 

Christmas Light Installation in OKC and Surrounding Areas

With licensed and insured Christmas light installation crews in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas, we’re never far away. Our fast and efficient Christmas light installation will be completed by uniformed crew members at a time that fits your schedule.

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