Choosing and Caring for Roses in Your Landscape.

Hello, this is Matt from TurfWorks, and joining me today is Jacob of Greenstock Nurseries, our trusted provider of landscape materials, with a retail outlet located at 4000 North Boulevard in Edmond. We’re excited to discuss the selection of roses on special this week, along with their care instructions, including watering, fertilizing, and pruning practices, to ensure successful planting.

Jacob, could you brief us on the specifics of these roses?

We’re featuring three varieties: Julia Child, Double Knockout, and the hybrid tea Oklahoma Rose.

What are their watering needs?

Roses are fairly straightforward. Initially, frequent watering is key to establishment, especially when planted in spring. During the summer heat, supplemental watering is crucial.

And the ideal fertilizer?

There’s a variety to choose from. Look for fertilizers that boost blooming and promote lush, green growth, like Miracle-Gro Rose Food or Bonide’s Super Bloom. Apply in spring and continue as they bloom into early summer, but avoid fertilizing in the fall.

Can you explain the pruning requirements for each type?

Certainly. Hybrid teas produce a single bloom per stem, so once the bloom withers, prune it to encourage new growth. Floribundas have multiple blooms on one stem; removing spent blooms allows for fresh ones to thrive. The Double Knockout typically self-prunes but may require trimming to manage size and shape.

When and how should we prune Double Knockouts?

The best time for pruning any rose is early spring—often indicated by when the forsythia blooms. Knockouts are less fussy and can be pruned in the summer to remove old or dead growth.

Thank you, Jacob, for these insights. We hope these tips will guide our listeners in choosing and caring for their roses. For those interested in adding roses to their landscape, visit Jacob at Greenstock for expert advice and a wide selection. They’ll ensure you find the perfect rose for your garden.