Hi, this is Matt with Turfworks and I’m here with Jacob from Greenstock nurseries today.  They are our landscape materials supplier they also have a retail location at 4000 North Boulevard in Edmond. We’re here today to talk about a few roses they’ve got on special this week and their requirements in the landscape as far as watering, fertilization, and pruning and what to expect when if you plant one of these.  So, could you give us a little run down on these roses?  These three roses are Julia Child, Double Knockout, and the hybrid tea Oklahoma Rose.  So, what would the watering requirements be on something like this?  The watering requirements on roses are pretty simple.  You want to keep up with watering when you’re getting them establish.  It’s good to plant them in the spring and supplemental watering in the heat of summer.  What type of fertilizers would you use on these plants?  Fertilizers?  There’s a wide range, anything that helps with blooming and anything that will help with nice green growth in the spring time like Miracle Grow rose food, there’s also Super Bloom which is a Bonide product.  Fertilizing is best in the spring and while it’s booming through the spring and early summer and stay away from fertilizing in the fall.  What are the three pruning requirements on these three roses?  Not too different, the hybrid teas will just have one rose on one stalk and once it’s expired you want to clip that away and another stalk will replace it.  The Floribunda has several blooms on one stock and you just want to get rid of the old bloom to make room for the nice fresh pretty ones.  How about the double knockout? The double knockout is pretty simple, for the most part self prunes.  So on the Double Knockouts you see them around town and they get kind of big in a bit unruly.  If people want to get them back down to size, what’s the best time to prune them and what you want to do with those to shape them?  For all roses it’s always best to prune in early spring.  A lot of people will stay when you’re Forsythia are blooming.  Knockouts however aren’t as particular, they can handle pruning throughout the summer as long as you’re getting rid of old growth or dead wood, you’re safe.  Well I think you for your time and I hope we’ve given you some tips on may be where you’d want to plant these and how you’ll take care of them.  If you want any roses come see Jacob at Greenstock.  They’re very knowledgeable here they’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction and be able get you the Rose that you need in your landscape.

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