Get More Than Just an Estimate with TurfWorks: Monthly Newsletters for DIY’ers

At TurfWorks, we are dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive landscaping services, from design and installation to maintenance and irrigation. But even if you’re a DIY’er, you can still benefit from our expertise with our monthly newsletters. When you request an estimate from TurfWorks, you’ll receive more than just a quote. You’ll also receive monthly newsletters filled with top tips and recommendations for your Oklahoma City landscape. In this blog post, we’ll highlight the benefits of our monthly newsletters and how they can help you achieve a beautiful, healthy landscape.

What’s Included in Our Monthly Newsletters:

Our monthly newsletters are packed with valuable information for DIY’ers who want to keep their landscape looking its best. Each issue includes recommended irrigation schedules, top tips for maintaining your landscape, and other relevant information for the month. Whether you’re looking for advice on planting new flowers, dealing with pests, or maintaining your irrigation system, our monthly newsletters have you covered.

How to Sign Up for Our Monthly Newsletters:

If you’re interested in receiving our monthly newsletters, all you need to do is request an estimate from TurfWorks. We’ll add you to our mailing list and you’ll start receiving our newsletters right away. And if you decide to work with us for your landscaping needs, you’ll continue to receive our newsletters, along with our expert services.

Benefits of Our Monthly Newsletters:

Our monthly newsletters offer several benefits for DIY’ers who want to keep their landscape looking its best. First, you’ll receive expert advice and recommendations from our experienced team, including irrigation schedules and top tips for maintaining your landscape. Second, you’ll stay informed about the latest trends and developments in landscaping, so you can stay ahead of the curve. And finally, our newsletters are a great way to stay connected with TurfWorks and learn more about our services and expertise.


At TurfWorks, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve beautiful, healthy landscapes, whether you’re a DIY’er or prefer to leave the landscaping to the experts. That’s why we offer more than just estimates for our services. When you request an estimate from TurfWorks, you’ll also receive monthly newsletters packed with valuable information and recommendations for your landscape, including irrigation schedules, top tips, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve the landscape of your dreams.

Get Your Christmas Light Décor Right!

Christmas time is undeniably, unquestionably the most awaited time of the year.

With New Year eve just round the corner, this festivity is all about sending heartfelt wishes, eating scrumptious delicacies, chugging beers, and opening presents sent by near and dear ones. Even in the chilling weather, one can find the warmth and glow of happiness prevailing all around that is so hard to miss by anyone.

What make Christmas more special are the stunning decorations that illuminate the entire neighborhood. Those ornamental lighting and fixtures look beyond mesmerizing. All spectacular Christmas light show Oklahoma City and displays ornate the home and take its appeal to a whole new level.

However, the kind of lightings one install in their home plays the biggest role in creating a magic-land appearance. If done without caution, your property won’t standout out which is likely to spoil all your Christmas enthusiasm. We at TurfWorks offer glorious Christmas light show OKC and display services at prices your pockets will love.

TurfWorks Specializes in Christmas Lightings Installation

TurfWorks understand and revel in the true spirit of Christmas. We make it a point to offer never-seen-before, unique Christmas light show Oklahoma that transforms your property’s look completely. No matter what your budget is and how you envision your festivity lighting, our team can get you covered. From wrapping trees, hanging wreaths, installing garlands and more, our proficient experts can decorate your home Christmas-ready in no time.

We believe in building long-term customer relationships and provide 100% guarantee on all our services. We offer obligation-free quote and highest level of customer satisfaction. To explore our Christmas light installation services, visit here. To book or get an estimate, contact our team at 405-494-6020.