The best service for lawn aeration Oklahoma has to offer

It is one heck of a job to keep a lawn looking maintained always and if you have taken upon yourself to do so, then I am sure that you have been kept busy for better part of the day, every day.  If you are looking for a reliable and professional team who are completely dedicated to their jobs, and who can take care of your lawn just like you would, then TurfWorks is where you turn to.

Oklahoma City Lawn Care

TurfWorks has taken upon themselves to look after the Oklahoma City lawn care by offering the following services:

The worst thing about a lawn are the ever–present weeds which how much ever you try to curb its growth they just keep springing up. For this engaging problem, Turfworks has a weed control and fertilization program which is a treatment and a fertilization program which helps curb the growth of weed and also maintain a control over the growth of grassy weeds and broad leaf. But that much is not enough. Irrigation is the life source of a healthy lawn and hence the team at TurfWorks is competent to handle any type of repairs and maintenance like broken pipes and wasted water caused by leaking sprinklers or poor spray pattern. Our team is also efficient at repairing broken valves in no time as well as opening and cleaning clogged nozzles. Apart from that, a lawn needs consistent maintenance and look-after, especially if you have a landscaped lawn which would call for extra care for keeping its beauty intact. For this the TurfWorks team provides regular services like mowing the lawn, trimming and edging the trees and shrubs along the patios and driveways, cleanups every fall and spring, maintaining the flowerbed along with the installation of seasonal flowers. We provides all the basic maintenance that goes into making a lawn look healthy and beautiful. Your lawns are the best place for your annual Christmas and New Year celebration and you can trust us to decorate your lawn with the best Christmas lighting which will awe your guests.

Why choose Turfworks for your lawn aeration needs?

There are many services in the market for maintenance of your lawn but if professionalism is your priority along with timely services and a love for your prized lawn, then TurfWorks is the Company which has earned a name in the field of lawn care for its trustworthiness and efficiency.

Non – Toxic Weed Control Methods

Oklahoma City Weed Control

Weeds are always considered as a bane for one’s lawn and growing a weed free lawn might just seem like an impossible task. Yes, it is quite a difficult job but one can still achieve it by following some simple DIY techniques provided by Oklahoma City weed control.

  • Hand pulling – this is the best and easiest way to ensure a weed free lawn. In case there are too many. It might get tedious. So, first focus on the ones that are on the verge of reproducing and setting seeds.
  • Mulching – It involves covering the top part of the soil with any material that would block direct daylight. It is a method generally used to suppress weeds.
  • Heating

                    Boiling water – pour boiling water over the unwanted plants. This would shrink and kill the plants instantly.

                   Solarizing – It involves covering the area where weeds have grown with a plastic sheet. Leave the sheet on for a few weeks. The plastics wouldn’t allow oxygen to pass and heat would also concentrate on that specific area. Thus, killing the weed in few a week’s time.

  • Limited tilling and digging – Tilling and digging brings up the weeds deep inside, on the surface, thus, promoting their growth.
  • Crowding – Weeds can’t grow if there’s no space for them. So, grow your plants in such a manner that their leaves completely shade the ground soil disrupting the growth of weeds.
  • Use Vinegar – The commonly used white vinegar works great in killing weeds. Its acidic content burns up he weeds when applied on them. It is an easy homemade way to get rid of weeds.

These were some of the earth friendly weed control tips to keep the lawns free of weeds without harming the other plants or soil. These tips by the lawn service Oklahoma City would help one in fulfilling the promise that they make to their lawns and gardens, that they would not let the weeds get the best of their garden. And, the best part, all this is possible without resorting to synthetic chemical herbicides.

Herbicides Are A Key Weapon To Prevent Weeds

If you are gardening lover then definitely weeds are the common challenge around the home landscape. Some people are doing manually weed removal but it is difficult for large lawn and garden area or for areas overgrown with many weeds. There are many methods to controlling or reducing weeds but Pre-Emergent Weed Control Oklahoma can help you to make your lawn weed free.

Fertilization and Weed Control in Oklahoma City

Pre-emergent weed control

Pre-Emergent Weed Control Oklahoma is very important to treat the entire lawn area and you know pre-emergent herbicide is designing for application before the targeted weed germinates. Pre-emergent is a chemical barrier that will not kill plant even it will prevent to plant from weeds. If you are using Pre-emergent then apply them very early in the season because this method depends on proper timing.

Many people have common misconceptions about the perfect time for pre-emergent herbicides is application coincide certain events like daffodils and forsythias. If you want to real, effect then must be apply pre-emergent before weeds emerge. Be aware pre-emergent can harm some desirable ornaments plant.

Planning according to weather for weed control

  • If you plan to weed control in early spring season then decide on the treatment and apply crabgrass to grow in spring.
  • You have to decide to use pre-emergent combined with fertilizer as an early lawn treatment.
  • You are planning in middle growing season then determine which weed have come back and removal weeds selectively with herbicides or by hand.
  • If you are going to treat, lawn one last time with a general weed killer or removal large weeds by hand to ensure they will not survive over the winter.

Weed Control Oklahoma City understand that weeds are the unwelcome sight for any homeowner and our weed control specialist are the master in the weeds native to your region or treatments that work best for weed control. We choose an experienced and expert team for you to create a custom weed control treatment for your lawn. Our service provider ensures your lawn treatment with the right amount and right material.

One Stop Solution To All Your Landscaping Needs

Landscaping In Oklahoma City

Everyone wants to have a beautiful landscape for their homes. We understand that it is not everyone’s cup of tea to maintain a beautiful landscape due to time constraints. Landscaping in Oklahoma City is a business that is slowly but steadily booming into a huge business. Our landscaping company in Oklahoma City OK provides at home services for all your landscaping needs!

Landscaping in Oklahoma city OK

We completely understand how difficult it must be for you to maintain fresh, green grounds when you are jam packed with a hectic work schedule. Our company provides services for Landscaping in Oklahoma city without interfering with your busy work schedule.

Landscape maintenance is the core facility that our company provides. Along with this service, our company also provides a number of additional services for our customers such as :

  • Lawn maintenance
  • Bush and shrub trimming maintenance
  • Flow bed maintenance
  • Irrigation system installation
  • Snow removal
  • Seasonal flower installation
  • Power washing
  • Mulch installation
  • Seasonal clean up of leaf and debris
  • Holiday decorations
  • Irrigation system maintenance

Whatever services you are looking for to keep your landscape spic and span and beautiful all year round, our company will provide solutions for every need of landscaping in Oklahoma city OK.

Our company provides landscaping in Oklahoma all year round, with a flexible billing system, ranging from monthly to annual services for all your landscaping needs.

The motto of our company is to ensure that every home in Oklahoma looks bright, green and beautiful all year round. We ensure this by providing our landscaping services to our clients, providing them with some of the best, most trained technicians to look after your landscapes.

We keep all communication lines open between our clients and our company so that we never interfere or come in the way of our customers busy schedules. We provide consistent, great quality delivery to our clients for the best prices you can find in Oklahoma.

Our landscaping company provides services to both residential as well as commercial areas, striving to keep each and every house clean and green. Contact our company for the best quality Landscaping in Oklahoma city, right at your doorstep.

Economic And Health Reasons for Home Landscaping in Oklahoma City

Seasonal Flower Installation and maintenance

Landscaping generally shows the house off and at the same time creates a superb impression for purchasers. It is said that the first impression is the last impression, and it stays for a long time. Purchasers, who wish the way in which the house normally looks from the street is far more likely to organize a nice internal look with the agent. However, the value a landscape brings is increased the inspections, more and more competition as well as better sale price. Here, in this blog we have discussed the health and economic reasons and benefits of home Landscaping Oklahoma City Ok.

Health Reasons of Landscaping in Oklahoma City

Home landscaping in Oklahoma City is no doubt critical in the time of selling. It not only provides an insight to buyer into how the homeowners look after their home but also presents the home fantastic to the people. It is sometimes obvious to the potential buyers as well. Landscaping increases the value of your home

  • It helps make your home more attracting and prospective to the buyers
  • It helps reduce the time of your house is on the market
  • It helps reduce the heating as well as cooling costs

Economic Reasons of Landscaping in Oklahoma City

There are hundreds of thousands of home landscaping in Oklahoma City Ok you may come across, but only an experienced landscaping service know when and how to choose the plants, building walls and properly creating drainage system.

  • It creates a healthy home by clearing polluted air and spreading clean air
  • It keeps your family healthy and happy by way of fostering active life-style
  • It reduces your stress level in creating beautiful environment
  • Landscaping provides privacy

Without sufficient knowledge as well as expertise, homeowners not only take risk of damaging their valuable property but also decrease value of their houses. An expert and experienced home landscaping Oklahoma City can help homeowners to reap the benefits of reasonable and health landscaping.  There are many social as well as environmental reasons of home landscaping and hiring a veteran landscaping service.

The Weed Control and Fertilization Specialists

Having a greener and healthier lawn is one of the best additions to your property. It provides your living space with the charm and attraction your property deserves. it is a fact that, a well maintained lawn increases the resale value of your property up to 15%, a good return on investment for any homeowner. This is probably the most important reason why every homeowner should opt for professional care for their lawn. Let’s take a look at more reasons why lawn deserves quality care:

It’s a playground for your children:

Have you ever wondered how many times your children head towards the lawn to play their favorite games? They need lawn to be clean and well maintained for safe outdoor gaming. Rats, cockroaches and other creeping insects can harm your children so as the soil and grass of your lawn, this is the reason why you must get in touch with professionals to make your lawn healthy and insect free. There are professionals who are dedicated to offering pre emergent weed control Oklahoma services and they are more than capable of doing what best for your lawn is.

It is the space for celebrations:

From small get together to birthday parties, lawn is considered to be the finest space attached to any property. This is the place where memories are made and at the same time, celebrations take place. So, all you need is quality care of your lawn so that you can continue celebrating and sharing memorable moments with your loved ones for years to come.

Enhance the quality of life, that’s exactly what lawns do:

It’s not just about the space for children or a beautiful looking home, it’s also about the quality of life. You have the space where you can do almost anything from exercise to relaxation or even a romantic dinner with your special someone. You don’t even need to spend your hard earned money to book hotel room or other places to enjoy some alone time with your loved ones.

Choose appropriate weed control and fertilization program:

Now, you need to get in touch with the company or professionals who are dedicated to offering finest quality of pre emergent weed control Oklahoma services at the prices that fit in your pocket. There are various companies that offer similar kind of services and the professionals of the company make sure you get the best value of your hard earned money.

Just visit the website is the dedicated website of TurfWorks, a team of vastly experienced weed control and fertilization experts. They have in-depth knowledge of making lawns healthy and look amazing and hence, they must be your first choice to get all your lawn related needs addressed in a highly reliable manner. Their services are second to none and you are sure to feel delighted with the quality of service they have to offer. So, instead of waiting and wasting more time, visit the above mentioned website right now.

Things You Need To Know About Lawn Aeration Oklahoma City

Lawn aeration or core aeration is just the mechanical method of pulling plugs of soil and turf out of your lawn. Many people confuse it with spiking lawn, but it is not same as spiking, and both the process are completely different.

Lawn Aeration Oklahoma City

When it comes to lawn aeration Oklahoma City, many people find it hard to understand that why lawn service Oklahoma City is important. If you are also finding it hard to decide that whether or not to hire these services, then here we are listing a few reasons why a lawn should be aerated.

To relieve soil compaction. After the long summer heat, lawn tend to become hard. So, to help root system of your lawn to develop further, thesoil must be less compact to grow in. Imagine trying to grow grass on cement. You are right, it won’t grow.

Lawn aeration Oklahoma City, helps thicken the root system of your lawn. When the plugs of soil are pulled out from the lawn, the roots get sliced or cut. When this happens, a new root shoot is developed. The more root systems in your lawn, the thicker it will be.

To give natural weed control. The absolute protection against weed is a thick healthy lawn. When a lawn is dense, there is less chance for weeds to grow.

To assist maintain a right thatch level in the lawn. Thatch can be described as the dead decaying matter between visible grass plant and the soil. It is problematic when it exceeds 2 ¾-3 inches. Lawn aeration will bring micro-organisms up from the soil that will in turn start to feed on the thatch in your lawn. Proper lawn service alleviates the requirement to de-thatch your lawn.

Preserve The Beauty Of Your Lawn With Pre-emergent Weed Control

Application of weed control methods is one of the most essential elements of contemporary lawn maintenance practices. Weed control in Oklahoma City is a popular practice and both home and commercial property owners prefer this service to keep their lawns beautiful. This method help you maintain a lush green as well as healthy looking lawn.

Pre Emergent Weed Control Oklahoma

When it comes to the problem of weed killing in your lawn and therefore keeping its aesthetics intact, pre emergent weed control Oklahoma application seems to be a top priority. Below are top things to keep in mind when getting weed control for your lawn.

Timely application is important for great results

Before you spread weed control solution all over all your lawn you must keep in mind that timely application is important is terms of ensuring the success of the weed control process and giving rich benefits to the lawn of your home or office. It is essential that you begin applying pre-emergent weed control solution in your garden before the weeds begin growing.

Types are methods of applying these products

Pre-emergent products are applied by pre emergent weed control Oklahoma services in both liquid as well as solid form. Both liquid and granules are effective and give you great results. When it comes to applying these solutions, it is better that you hire best professionals in Oklahoma and let experts do what they are best at.

An effective option for your lawn

Weed control in Oklahoma City is known as safe option for your lawn. There are a number of solutions and products available in the market and deciding which one is best for your lawn and plants can daunting, so better you outsource services of professionals.

DIY OR Professional Oklahoma City Lawn Care

Do you find yourself mowing, edging and trimming your grass and hedges on the hot days or weekends? Probably, this is making you think about hiring a professional lawn care company.

So, the question is: hire a professional Oklahoma City lawn care service provider or DIY.

Lawn Care Oklahoma City

Usually people think that taking care of a lawn is easy. Well surely it is not rocket science but there is lot of work than just mowing the lawn.

DIY’ers must know many things about caring for their lawns like: what type of grass should be planted? What is the best time for lawn aeration Oklahoma? What type of fertilizer to use, how often should it be applied? Whether organic fertilizers are best or one should go for commercial brands.

Also, there are things like soil analysis that are really important. Also a DIYer should know the right way to mow the lawn, also he must know whether to leave it long or cut it short? What tools will be required and how to use them? How often should you water your lawn and how much water should you give it? Yes, definitely there is lot to Oklahoma City lawn care then just mowing.

So, ask yourself, ‘are you ready to make the commitment to spend the time and effort to learn how to take care of a lawn properly?’ Also, consider the time you will need to do the research in order to learn all the above mentioned things. Also, keep in mind that you will have to buy the lawn care essentials and must learn to use them properly and safely.

If you are thinking that there is a lot to a lawn care then just lawn Aeration Oklahoma, then hiring services of professional is the best solution.

Weed Spray Oklahoma City: Hire Only Professionals

No matter how much care and attention you give to your lawn, keeping weed at bay seems to be impossible. Thankfully, now professional services for weed spray Oklahoma City are available at pocket friendly rates. Professionals not only help you get rid of the weed that is present in your lawn but also help you prevent your lawn from any weed by offering preventive services.

You can avail services like pre and post emergent weed control. As a result, you can rest assured that your lawn won’t only keep looking fresh and beautiful but it will also be free of weed. Besides, they provide services like fertilization and lawn aeration Oklahoma City. These professionals are experienced and knowledgeable and know what type of care your Oklahoma City lawn needs. In addition, they have access to all the best types of supplies for lawns, so you can rest assured about the beauty of your plants and flowers.

There are service providers that use eco-friendly or green products for your lawn, so you can be sure that they are environment friendly. Usually, people think that hiring professional services for weed spray or lawn aeration means paying hefty fees. But, it is not true. Reputed service providers offer a number of service packages in an array of budgets, so depending on your needs and budget you can choose a suitable package to ensure beauty and freshness of your lawn.

You can easily find a reputed service provider in Oklahoma City, near you with the help of internet. Also, on their website you can know the details about their services and the packages. This will also allow to compare packages of various service providers and choose one that suits your budget.

Five essentials that you must know for perfect results of landscaping in Oklahoma City

There are many websites that will offer you the information on the landscaping essentials in Oklahoma City. These can be very useful for making a perfect plan for any sort of needs be it commercial or residential landscaping. You may very easily find a list of the companies that are offering services for landscaping Oklahoma City OK. These companies are operating on various models but mostly all of them are providing the services in either commercial or residential or both the areas.

lawn maintenance experts

In this article we will focus on the five essential points in areas of landscaping in Oklahoma City for getting the best results.

  1. Choose the appropriate company: This is quite important to find the company that has specialized expertise in desired areas. For example the company with residential expertise shall not be hired for commercial projects until they have the relevant experience. This helps in many ways for choosing the right partner for your landscaping needs.
  2. Plan for area specific landscaping: This is another important factor that must be kept in mind for getting the desired results. Landscaping for the shady areas is different from the areas exposed to sun light and in the same manner the selection of the plants and the style must be considered for best results.
  3. Ask for annual support: It is highly recommended to enter into an annual maintenance and support agreement with the landscaping service provider. This not only saves the long term hassles but also helps you in getting the immediate support as and when required. It helps in getting the season specific treatments and support well in time.
  4. Go as per the scheduled requirements: You shall follow the scheduled requirements that are advised by the landscaping service provider to avoid any chances of destruction in garden or other areas. The scheduled requirements are made in accordance to the place and time specific needs.

Tips For Effective Pre Emergent Weed Control

The house owners in Oklahoma City are well aware of the facts that pre emergent weed control is one of the major concerns for managing their landscape. In this article we will focus on the four tips that must be kept in mind for effective pre emergent weed control in Oklahoma.

Fertilization and Weed Control in Oklahoma City

  1. Take good care for your lawn: If you are taking care of the lawn the need of pre emergent weed control may be considerably lowered. This is because the right care helps in removing the pests that are crowding the lawn areas, as well as right fertilizer and mowing helps in keeping these weeds to away from the lawns. So first of all you must develop the habit to take care for the lawns.
  2. Hire the appropriate landscaping service provider: This is an important step managing the landscapes for larger areas. An experienced service provider can not only help you in finding the right products and services but also give you correct advice on landscaping and pre emergent weed control in Oklahoma City.
  3. Follow the calendar: It is quite important to follow the right schedule that allows you to have proper control on the weeds. The weed control process is carried out in specific time that helps in destroying the weeds before germination of the weeds. The effectiveness of the pre emergent weed control is largely depending on the timely completion of the weed control process.
  4. Allow time and budget: This is equally important for managing the lawn and garden in your premises. You must put budget for availing the services of the service provider that helps you in keeping your lawn and garden in perfect condition. Usually the landscape care providers are working on the annual contract basis and provide the necessary services for landscape management. You shall also enter into annual contract for better care because it is almost impossible to find the right service provider at the eleventh hour.

By keeping these tips in mind you may easily work out the pre emergent weed control in effective manner.


The TurfWorks Difference

We try very hard to be a different type of lawn care provider.  As you consider who will best meet your needs please consider a few of the ways we are unique:

Major Difference #1
Our guarantee to you…
Our Personal 100% Iron-Clad, Risk Free, “Double” Money-Back Guarantee to You!
We want you to be totally thrilled with our service… so absolutely delighted you will recommend us to your friends and neighbors.  Frankly, we want to care for your lawn forever.  You are the judge, if our work is not excellent; we will re-do the item in question for FREEIf you are still not happy, you will not owe us one red cent.
There’s more … if the item in question is not fixed to your total satisfaction we will pay another company of your choice to fix the issue.  Nothing is more important to us than your complete satisfaction.

Major Difference #2
We hire English speaking staff.  We train and we train and we train.  Our staff is licensed.  That’s really important!  We get in our trucks and go out in the field and check the work.  Also important!  We close gates.  We show up on time. We take pride in our communication with customers.  We come on the promised day… We return calls.

Major Difference #3
We don’t just insure our equipment and trucks; we protect your family and home with a multi-million dollar liability policy.  If your property was damaged or a worker was injured at your home… if your lawn company could not pay… who would? You or your homeowners insurance.  That’s not good enough!  That’s not fair!  We protect you!

Major Difference #4
Our fertilization and weed control program includes a service no one else offers, and we provide it at no additional charge. Our licensed spray technicians eliminate the grass that grows around the A/C unit, wires, cables, pipes, play equipment and drain spouts.  We also eliminate trouble grass that pops up in the cracks of the concrete, gaps in the fence, around fence posts and in retaining walls.  These are the areas that most companies ignore when they service the property– or in an attempt to deal with them, they cause damage.  If ignored, these areas are the eyesores that ruin the presentation of a beautifully manicured lawn.

Also, we built a system to optimize the treatment day around your watering and mow day. Such a system could not be bought… so we created it.  It’s important.  If the lawn is mowed too soon before or after a treatment you might as well throw that money out the window.  Mow too soon and the weed hasn’t had time to absorb the treatment before it is mowed.  Treat too early after mowing and there won’t be any weed visible to treat. That is how weeds get missed!  If you use another company to treat your lawn you might consider the advantages of using TurfWorks.

Major Difference #5
We communicateWe adviseWe are easily accessible.  We have invested significantly to make sure that when you speak with someone at our office they know what they are talking about.  Almost everyone in the office has, at one time, worked in the field or still does periodically.  How else can you expect good advice?

Monthly, we send some very important information.We send you our recommended optimal irrigation system settings for that month and a reminder of any services that might need to be performed around your home.For instance, we will remind you when it is time to prune Crape Myrtles, trim back perennials, prune roses, fertilize flowers, etc. We will also send you special discounts for recommended services.

Mentioning five major differences barely scratches the surface of the benefits we work hard to offer you.   As you consider your many options for lawn care service please consider the peace of mind that comes from using a service that knows what they are doing, will not waste your time, will give accurate advice, will not waste your money and will always show up on time.

Turfworks The Oklahoma City Metro’s Landscape Maintenance Expert.

TurfWorks & Greenstock Nurseries: Native Plants Zone 7

Hi, this is Matt with TurfWorks and I’m here with Jacob again and from Greenstock Nurseries and we’re here today to talk a little bit about the native perennial plants that you might want to incorporate into your landscape.  So what are some of the benefits to planting native plants for this area?  That’s a good question, there’s a lot of benefits native perennials native plants that are well suited for Oklahoma weather and our changing seasons. They benefit a lot of native wildlife including birds with their seeds and bugs as pollinators.  So I would also imagine that these plants are going to be a little bit less maintenance prone then let’s say something that might not be native, they might be more apt to not get diseases, and not require as much irrigation?  They are better suited for drought conditions typically and better suited for heat and also our cold winters.  So, let’s talk about each one of these plants and specifically where you might incorporate it into the landscape and its watering and maintenance requirements and what it’s going to do.  Ok, all of these perennials we have in front of us are going to be full sun, heat tolerant bloomers.  To my left we have Guara.  Guara is a native that will grow in most of Oklahoma, you can find it in pastures, bar ditches, even your backyard.  It’ll bloom in the summer, it’s a very heat resistant and drought resistant plant.  Right below it is our state wildflower Gaillardia or blanket flower and it’s just summer bloomer, it doesn’t stop, and it will take a lot of heat.  Verbena or Homestead Verbena is really close to the native one that grows around here and it will definitely grow in full sun and with just a little bit of deadheading and you can get this thing to bloom all summer.  Golden Rod, so if you see fields of yellow or at least bar ditches of yellow it’s probably Goldenrod in the summer or late spring.  Not Canola!  Goldenrod, full Sun it’s a really pretty showy bloomer for at least a month in late spring early summer and a few varieties we have, Fireworks.  And we talked a little bit about this beforehand, this cultivar is an upright cultivar that’s going to stay pretty compact and bushy as opposed to laying down everywhere.  Yes.  Spiderwort right now and May and June, Spiderwort is blooming it’s Tradescantia and you’ll see them blanketing pastures in fuchsia, violet and lot of really pretty blues and purples.  And you said this is primarily a spring bloomer.  Yes, so throughout the summer and the fall it’s pretty much a clumpy grass.  Coreopsis or tickseed, full sun, heavy bloomers in the spring and they can even bloom afterwards if you do a steady deadheading throughout the summer.  Coneflower or Echinacea is extremely tough, birds really love the seeds, so you can benefit your neighborhood by planting some helping the birds out!  They’re summer bloomers, they can take a lot of sun and they don’t they don’t quit blooming when it gets too hot.  So, I see this and I say well it looks a little bit like a Gerber.  Little bit they’ll get a lot taller and they’ll definitely put up with the heat.  As opposed to stopping blooming and looking a bit weedy.  This is a neat one pretty unique Leatrice and you can find this pretty much in and a lot of pastures even ones you would think would be an inhospitable to plants, they’re pretty tough.  Leatrice is a purple bloomer and it blooms pretty much one time in the summer and it’s worth the planting this could be really showy.  So we talk about a lot of these native plants what are the fertilization requirements for them?  Are they going to bloom without fertilizer?  Are they going to bloom if they’re a bit neglected?  Are they still going to look great if you’re not a hardcore gardener out there fertilizing and deadheading every day and doing all those things?  Natives are a little bit easier to care for, they don’t take as much fertilizer, they can actually look kind of leggy or weedy if you over fertilize and also over water they can be a lot more efficient as far as that their water consumption.  So as far as plants for Oklahoma these are the set it and forget it of the landscape.  They can be, if there is such a thing.  They can be a lot easier to care for, for sure, they’ll continue to bloom for you, continue to grow and even with a little bit of neglect.  Well I appreciate you sharing all these plants with us today and I hope you’re able to get a little bit better idea of all these different species and where you might incorporate them into your landscape to add some color really because they all look awesome!  Well thanks for joining us today like I said before we’re here at Greenstock, that’s where we get all of our plant material from their located at 4000 North Boulevard in Edmond is retail location and come see Jacob he’ll be more than happy to show you around and find one of these to fit into your landscape!


Turfworks The Oklahoma City Metro’s Landscape Maintenance Expert.

Choosing and caring for Roses in your landscape.

Hi, this is Matt with Turfworks and I’m here with Jacob from Greenstock nurseries today.  They are our landscape materials supplier they also have a retail location at 4000 North Boulevard in Edmond. We’re here today to talk about a few roses they’ve got on special this week and their requirements in the landscape as far as watering, fertilization, and pruning and what to expect when if you plant one of these.  So, could you give us a little run down on these roses?  These three roses are Julia Child, Double Knockout, and the hybrid tea Oklahoma Rose.  So, what would the watering requirements be on something like this?  The watering requirements on roses are pretty simple.  You want to keep up with watering when you’re getting them establish.  It’s good to plant them in the spring and supplemental watering in the heat of summer.  What type of fertilizers would you use on these plants?  Fertilizers?  There’s a wide range, anything that helps with blooming and anything that will help with nice green growth in the spring time like Miracle Grow rose food, there’s also Super Bloom which is a Bonide product.  Fertilizing is best in the spring and while it’s booming through the spring and early summer and stay away from fertilizing in the fall.  What are the three pruning requirements on these three roses?  Not too different, the hybrid teas will just have one rose on one stalk and once it’s expired you want to clip that away and another stalk will replace it.  The Floribunda has several blooms on one stock and you just want to get rid of the old bloom to make room for the nice fresh pretty ones.  How about the double knockout? The double knockout is pretty simple, for the most part self prunes.  So on the Double Knockouts you see them around town and they get kind of big in a bit unruly.  If people want to get them back down to size, what’s the best time to prune them and what you want to do with those to shape them?  For all roses it’s always best to prune in early spring.  A lot of people will stay when you’re Forsythia are blooming.  Knockouts however aren’t as particular, they can handle pruning throughout the summer as long as you’re getting rid of old growth or dead wood, you’re safe.  Well I think you for your time and I hope we’ve given you some tips on may be where you’d want to plant these and how you’ll take care of them.  If you want any roses come see Jacob at Greenstock.  They’re very knowledgeable here they’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction and be able get you the Rose that you need in your landscape.

Turfworks The Oklahoma City Metro’s Landscape Maintenance Expert.