Getting a Lush, Healthy Lawn in Oklahoma

Getting A Lush, Healthy Lawn in Oklahoma City

Your lawn is the canvas onto which the rest of your property is painted. A stunning green background can accentuate the beauty of your home, while an unhealthy, brown, and spotty yard will create curb appeal that is less than spectacular. However, a lush, healthy lawn is about more than just looking good—it is an indicator of the health of your entire property and can determine how much enjoyment you get from it.

Growing a full and healthy expanse of grass across your lawn is important for everything from drainage and erosion control to preventing weed and pest invasions, but getting that healthy growth in Oklahoma can be a challenge. Here are a few ways to achieve a stunning yard you’ll love.

Mowing: Making Healthy Growth Possible

One of the simplest ways to help your lawn thrive is to mow it, but too many homeowners make the mistake of mowing too often, at the wrong height, or with dull blades, damaging the grass and making it susceptible to disease. 

Mowing your grass the right way, at the right time, ensures that the grass grows strong and firmly plants its roots. For example, the experts at TurfWorks, a professional lawn care and landscaping company in Oklahoma City, examine the specific type of grass on your property so that an ideal trimming schedule can be established. Some grasses grow quickly, especially if they’ve been fertilized or are watered with an irrigation system. Bermuda grass is the most common species that grows throughout Oklahoma, and this type thrives when it is maintained at around an inch tall, but not above 2 and a quarter inches. 

Proper, regular mowing delivers an array of benefits to your lawn. When grass is mowed, it is encouraged to grow laterally (that is, sideways rather than upwards). This means that you’ll get better coverage, and the grass will develop a complex and sturdy root system that spreads far and wide. Not only does this help your grass get the nutrients it needs, but it keeps your soil intact and resilient against erosion. When grass is mowed with sharp blades, it can heal quickly—spending more of its energy on growing new blades rather than fixing the rips and tears from a dull mower.

Fertilization: Feeding Your Lawn

Even the most well-kept grass will struggle to grow if it doesn’t have the nourishment it needs. Just like a human who eats nothing but pizza and soda, a yard that is missing a varied diet of nutrients will survive but fail to thrive. This is where lawn fertilization becomes important.

For a lush, healthy lawn, you need a customized fertilization program that is tailored to your specific yard. Some yards might be abundant in nitrogen but need help with phosphorus; applying the same fertilizer in a one-size-fits-all approach might not provide enough of that phosphorus while oversupplying the nitrogen you already have in abundance. That’s why TurfWorks creates personalized fertilization strategies that rely on comprehensive slow-release formulas. This way, the grass will receive what it needs gradually over time for consistent, sustained growth.

At TurfWorks, all of our fertilizers are targeted to what your specific species of turf needs at specific times of the year. We also use slow-release synthetic nitrogen in the spring along with two organic fertilizers in the summer, so that we’re feeding the turf adequately while protecting our lakes from algae blooms caused by runoff.

With proper fertilization, your grass will stay strong and healthy. This makes it resilient to pests and disease and gives it the energy needed to penetrate its roots deeper into the earth. Deep roots lead to sturdy grass that is better able to survive drought and foot traffic.

Weed Control: Eliminating Unwanted Invaders

If your yard is awash in weeds, however, all of the fertilizer and water in the world might not help your grass stay healthy. Weeds spread their roots in the same manner as grass, so they’re competing with vegetation you want for all of the nutrients and moisture. In order to encourage lush, green grass, you need to remove the competition.

TurfWorks targets the specific types of weeds in your yard using safe and eco-friendly methods. Instead of applying poisons that kill the weeds and harm other plants and beneficial insects, we rely on weed control solutions that are effective specifically against the weeds you’re seeing. For instance, we use targeted selective herbicides to make sure we’re not overusing chemicals and only targeting weeds in the lawn.

In Oklahoma, nutsedge (sometimes called nutgrass) is a particular nuisance, so TurfWorks includes coverage against this stubborn weed at no additional charge. 

Lawn Aeration: Enhancing Nutrient Absorption

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the other steps you’re taking to improve your lawn’s look, it’s important to consider aeration as well. Over time, thanks to the force of pounding rain, intense sun that dries out Oklahoma’s red dirt, regular foot traffic, and gradual soil shifting, the ground in your yard can become densely packed. This creates less space between the granules of earth into which water can penetrate, so when it rains, that moisture might not get very far into the ground or it may run off completely, depriving your grass roots of the water they need. Tightly packed dirt also makes it difficult for grass roots to spread and propagate. 

Lawn aeration is a process that pokes thousands of small holes into the ground, loosening up the dirt to allow oxygen and water to reach deeper into the soil and for grass roots to spread more easily. TurfWorks uses specialized aeration equipment to create uniformly aerated soil without damaging the grass, and we schedule our aeration to coincide with what is best for optimal seasonal growth–in the spring for warm season grass and in the fall for cool season grass. By timing aeration this way, the roots are cut when the plant can recover quickly, stimulating vigorous and increased root growth. Once your soil is aerated, grass will be able to extend its root systems to get more necessary nutrients and absorb more moisture. As an added benefit, nutritional decomposition from above ground, such as grass clippings, will now have the space to seep down into the earth, replenishing the food sources that grass relies on to thrive.

Seeding: Restoring Density and Beauty

No yard is perfect, and anything from compacted soil to a small area of disease can leave your lawn looking spotty or bald. Whether you’ve been mowing with a dull blade or accidentally left something lying in your yard that killed the grass beneath, know that patchiness isn’t a forever problem.

With reseeding, TurfWorks can thicken your existing grass growth, while overseeding helps fill in gaps. While planting new grass often requires digging up your yard and tilling the soil, overseeding needs only the loosened soil from aeration and a thin additional layer of dirt to allow new grass roots to establish. Though new seeds are spread evenly across your yard, new growth will be limited in areas with already full, healthy grass but quickly established in spotty areas, allowing your entire yard to “catch up” and grow more uniformly and consistently. 

Overseeding is an important part of keeping your lawn healthy. Not only does it improve the aesthetics by creating a uniform, thick blanket of green, but it also crowds out weeds and prevents them from gaining a foothold. It is also primarily targeted at maintaining thick turf; for truly “bare dirt” areas, TurfWorks prefers to use sod.

Overseeding is only performed on cool season grasses and is done by slit seeding. Although aeration and slit seeding do not necessarily have to be performed together, many times they are. Moreover, new growth is not limited to bare areas; cool season grasses need to be overseeded periodically to compensate for natural grass attrition throughout the year. 

Get Lush, Healthy Grass for Summer and Beyond with TurfWorks

The health of your grass depends on a variety of factors, from soil composition, watering, and aeration to weed control and more. Without taking all of these into account, your lawn may struggle to survive the Oklahoma weather, become a breeding ground for pests and weeds, or deteriorate with watershed and erosion. 

It takes work to create the vibrant yard you’re dreaming of, but a healthy, lush lawn gives you more than just pleasant aesthetics. Since 2010, the pros at TurfWorks–a locally-owned Oklahoma City lawn care company–have been providing comprehensive lawn care and landscaping services to homes and businesses throughout the metro area. From irrigation systems and fertilization to flower bed maintenance and mowing, TurfWorks can give you a yard you love without all the hassle you hate.

It’s time for your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood. Contact TurfWorks today for a free consultation, and find out how we can give you the lush, healthy grass you’ve been waiting for!

Ultimate Guide to Christmas Lights Displays Around Oklahoma

Ultimate Guide to Christmas Lights Displays Around Oklahoma

Mother holding a child under a Christmas lights display at night.

The ABCs of an Oklahoma Christmas

What’s the best way to have a holiday to remember? By getting off the beaten path and taking a fresh approach to your treasured traditions. At TurfWorks, we like to get just as creative with our seasonal celebrations as we do with our spectacular landscaping and design, so we’ve put together 26 unique ideas for a Yuletide you won’t forget. From El Reno to Idabel, Guthrie to Ardmore, and everywhere in between, TurfWorks has your Oklahoma Christmas experience covered from A to Z.


  • The Ardmore Festival of Lights at Ardmore Regional Park is one of the largest holiday light displays in Southern Oklahoma, boasting more than 125 animated displays along a 1.5-mile driving route.
  • Head to Bartlesville and the Woolaroc Wonderland of Lights at the Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve. See the historic ranch transformed with more than 750,000 lights decorating the grounds and buildings. Enjoy wagon rides and a unique view of the property from across Clyde Lake.
  • The nationally recognized Chickasha Festival of Lights was created 31 years ago to inspire the idea of “Christmas through the eyes of a child.” Every year, the 43 acres of Shannon Springs Park come alive with holiday sparkle, from the 4 miles of lighted walkways—including a lit pedestrian bridge over the park’s lake—to the 172-ft Christmas tree. As a bonus, stop by World Largest Leg Lamp, a 50-ft homage to Chickasha-native Noland James’ influence on the 1983 movie, A Christmas Story.
  • Go Downtown in December and discover all the best Oklahoma City has to offer during the Christmas season. Water taxi rides through Bricktown are free in December, giving visitors a chance to see the river in its holiday finest, while can’t-miss light displays adorn nearly all the districts, including Automobile Alley and the Lights on Broadway as well as the Midtown Christmas Tree and Holiday Pop-Up Shops.
  • Elk City’s Christmas in the Park features millions of lights and hundreds of displays, all of which you can experience from onboard a double-decker bus, miniature train, or horse-drawn wagon! You can also take a spin on the Centennial Carousel.
  • The Fort Reno Christmas Guns in El Reno are an old-fashioned flashback to a historic holiday tradition started by German immigrants, who discharged firearms like cannons and gums with the belief that it would dispel evil spirits before the upcoming holiday.
  • Gaze upon the Garden of Lights in Muskogee, which takes Honor Heights Park—famous for its spring azaleas—into winter in style. The park’s 130 acres of trees and water areas are brilliantly decorated with over one million dynamic lights and displays, including rose and azalea bushes illuminated in lights imitating the plants’ natural state during blooming.
  • Have fun at the Holiday River Parade, sponsored by Braum’s. Held at Riversport in the Boathouse District, you’ll be treated to water-skiing elves and holiday-themed boats taking over the Oklahoma River, with an evening presentation of fireworks and a laser light show.
  • Idabel is home to The City of Lights Parade, one of the most beautiful and well-attended parades in the region. Held the first Saturday in December, the parade kicks off the holiday season in McCurtain County, drawing approximately 25,000 visitors and over 100 entries, including bands from local and area schools, pageant winners from the Miss City of Lights Pageant, and decorated floats. Santa also makes his first official visit to Idabel during the parade in a fire truck provided by Idabel Fire Department.
  • Jenks’ historic downtown becomes a winter wonderland during LightsOn!, an annual event that helps usher in the holiday season with food trucks, a parade, live entertainment, carriage rides, and a visit from Santa. While you’re in town, head out to Kringle’s Christmas Land, a Christmas Light Fight-winning display delivered every year by Ben Summer, who’s also won a national Christmas competition. Kringle’s Christmas Land is a vintage family Christmas come to life, featuring a voice-narrated holiday story with life-size animated displays from the 1940s and 1950s, hand painted human animations, special effects, and realistic snow blizzard
  • In Ketchum—the “Gateway to the Grand Lake Christmas Parade”—you can explore the Winter Wonderland Christmas Light Tour at the Pine Lodge Resort. With free admission, visitors are welcome to drive through the property along the shores of Grand Lake as many times as they like to explore log cabins, woodland animals, and historic cars decked out in over 500,000 Christmas lights.
  • See one of the largest fresh-cut Christmas trees in the world in Enid, Oklahoma. Standing 140 feet tall, this evergreen, dubbed “The Christ Tree” and covered with 20,000 multi-colored lights and 10,000 ornaments, serves as the centerpiece of a 40-day Christmas extravaganza known as “The One.” A bonus L attraction: the holiday Laser Light Show at Turner Falls in Davis, a one-night-only Christmas laser light and fire dancing show held at Oklahoma’s largest waterfall.
  • Midwest City hosts one of the state’s largest drive-through light displays at the Holiday Lights Spectacular in Joe B. Barnes Park. You’ll see more than 1 million lights and 100 animated light displays along the 1.5 mile route, including a dancing forest display choreographed to traditional Christmas songs. Make sure to catch a carriage ride and get up close and personal to the 118-ft Christmas tree.  
  • North Pole Adventure in Oklahoma City is a one-of-a-kind interactive Christmas attraction and theme park. This 25,000 sq. ft. replica of the North Pole recreates the magic of Santa’s world, including Mrs. Claus’s Kitchen, Elf University, the Elf Clubhouse and Bedroom, and the reindeer barn. Visitors will also get a chance to see Santa’s Post Office, Toy Workshop, and House.
  • Outdoor ice rinks across the metro and the state offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy Oklahoma’s mild winters. Check out Devon Ice Rink in downtown Oklahoma City and Crest on Ice in Norman, as well as the ice rinks of Yukon’s Christmas in the Park and Chickasha’s Festival of Lights.
  • The Poinsettia tree inside the Crystal Bridge Conservatory in OKC is the perfect way to end a stroll through the Myriad Botanical Garden’s 15 acres of festive lighting. Featuring 16 feet of carefully stacked poinsettias, the tree is an annual tradition that can’t be missed. Psst…also be on the lookout for a special Meet Santa Blair event in the Lobby of the Crystal Bridge Conservatory.
  • The Quapaw Nation Children’s Christmas Committee hosts an annual Children’s Christmas party at the historic Coleman Theater in Miami, which is open to all Quapaw Nation tribal members, and you’ll find craft vendors, holiday candies and baked goods, and a hot meal—chili, a cinnamon roll, and drink for $10—at the Winterlicious Market held at the Quapaw Farmer’s Market in Quapaw and benefitting the All Tribes Education Consortium (ATEC).
  • Rhema Bible Church in Broken Arrow has been amazing visitors for over 40 years with the Rhema Christmas Lights, a synchronized musical display of trees and dancing snowflakes that covers 110 acres. This renowned event attracts over 500,000 people with the stunning Rhema Park Bridge, carriage rides, and a 50-figure nativity scene.
  • Sapulpa’s got the Christmas spirit, and they want to share it, with their Route 66 Christmas Chute. Three blocks of Dewey Ave. on historic Route 66 are closed off in downtown and canopied by nearly 800 feet of Christmas lights and décor in 10 different themes, adding a fun and festive atmosphere to the area’s retailers, shops, restaurants, and pop-up shops. Pro tip: check out the scavenger hunt and see what hidden Christmas treasures may be surrounding you!
  • The Territorial Christmas Celebration in Guthrie is an annual tradition held in the home of the largest Historic Preservation District in the country. For more than 35 years, locals and visitors alike have been dressing in old-fashioned Victorian-era attire and meandering around historic downtown to revel in 1900s-decorated store windows, carolers, candlelit trolleys, and a living nativity event. Watch as the new territorial governor is announced following the Christmas parade, take a Distinctive Homes tour, or enjoy a leisurely Victorian Walk Evening.
  • Utica Square, Tulsa’s upscale outdoor shopping center, has kicked off the start of holiday season for the last 50 years with their own lighting ceremony tradition, including 700,000 lights and Christmas carols by local Tulsa musicians, hosted by local journalist and meteorologist Julie Chin. Take photos with Santa and sit in his sleigh, wander glittering gardens, and explore Amber Marie & Company, the first and only all-Christmas store in Tulsa.
  • Visit Vinita for a charming small-town celebration that includes a Christmas Parade of Lights, breakfast with Santa, a tree lighting, and plenty of caroling, hot chocolate, and children’s activities.
  • Woodword’s Crystal Christmas in northwest Oklahoma is proud to be hosted “by the community, for the community.” The town sets Crystal Beach Park aglow with over two million Christmas lights, while the Opening Night Celebration features live music, train rides, ax throwing, and more.
  • The Polar Express, hosted by the Oklahoma Railway Museum, brings to life the magic of the popular movie and children’s book with a 1-hour round-trip journey complete with pajamas, hot cocoa, cookies, caroling, and sleigh bells.
  • Yukon’s Christmas in the Park is chock full of holiday delights. Over 100 acres spanning 3 interconnecting parks, this Oklahoma staple features Santa Express Train Rides, an ice rink in Chisholm Trail Park, photo ops with your favorite Christmas characters—like the Grinch, Rudolph, Elf on the Shelf, and Frosty the Snowman—and a 3-mile drive-through display boasting 5 million lights and over 500 unique installations.  
  • The OKC Zoo’s annual Safari Lights provides a unique holiday experience, giving visitors the opportunity to drive through the zoo and view more than 59 wildlife-themed light sculptures. The event also offers a walking tour through the Children’s Zoo and Dino Safari, where you’ll find animated light displays, festive treats, kids’ activities, and weekend visits with Santa.


Make a Christmas to Remember with TurfWorks

TurfWorks is a locally-owned professional landscaping company providing comprehensive lawn care services to homes and businesses throughout the Oklahoma City metro area, including seasonal services like Christmas light installation. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation, and see how we can help make your Oklahoma Christmas truly magical.

3 Tips for Amazing Christmas Lights Display

3 Tips for Making an Amazing Christmas Lights Display

This is it. This year is the year you’re finally going to get serious about your Christmas lights display. The problem is…you don’t know where to start.


The experienced technicians at TurfWorks have a few suggestions for creating a great scene that’s sure to get people talking. TurfWorks is a fully licensed and insured professional lawn care and landscaping company, and after decades of helping homes and businesses in and around the Oklahoma City metro area get into the holiday spirit, we’ve learned what it takes to make your property shine for the season.


Creativity. Get those creative juices flowing early. You can watch old Christmas movies for inspiration, or choose a theme, such as a specific aspect of the season, but the pros at TurfWorks recommend picking something unique that you can get excited about, even if it’s outside the traditional tableau.


Here are 7 “outside the box” ideas for your Oklahoma Christmas light display:

  1. Show your favorite logo some love. OSU? OU? OKC Thunder? Whoever you root for, make sure everyone knows it with a perfectly lighted profile of your favorite team’s logo.
  2. Keep it classy with colors. Instead of a logo, stick to your favorite team’s colors for a simple, streamlined, yet stunning display of dedication. OU’s crimson and cream are perfect for this time of year, while OSU’s orange or the Thunder’s blue add a festive touch from Halloween through the New Year.
  3. Embrace the Oklahoma pioneer in you and instead of Santa’s sleigh, attach lighted yard reindeer to a replica Conestoga wagon and create a Land Run on your very own lawn.
  4. Get musical and plan a light show coordinated with your favorite team’s fight song or the theme song to “Oklahoma.”
  5. Recreate Oklahoma City’s iconic scissortail flycatcher sculpture…in your yard.
  6. Your boat isn’t going to the lake anytime soon, so put it to work. Attach lights and place Santa in the driver’s seat or fishing off the side. While you’re at it, you might as well dress up the camper sitting in your driveway, too, and add an animated display of your favorite holiday character waving from the window.
  7. When in doubt, or if you can’t decide, you can’t go wrong with a holiday montage mashup. Sometimes a favorite holiday panorama is one that includes everything you love about the Christmas season.


Planning. Once you’ve settled on an idea, you’ll need to make a blueprint to map out your display. Be sure to include measurements so you know how many strings of lights to get. Pro tip: plan for extras. If you need 150 lights, buy 200 just in case, to make replacements easy and quick and ensure there’s no downtime for your dazzling display


Now is another good time to bring in the experts at TurfWorks. Because they’re already well-versed in making your home or business look beautiful, the team at TurfWorks can look at your property from an aesthetic standpoint and help you determine the best way to achieve your dazzling dreams, from what types of lights to use where and how to make your seasonal scene stand out.


Proper installation. Hanging Christmas lights is a common trope in holiday movies and books for a reason—it’s a serious hassle. Whether you’ve waited until the last minute and find yourself trying to set up your display in the middle of an Oklahoma ice storm, or you can’t get your strings to withstand the Oklahoma winter wind, installing Christmas lights yourself can be a trying task for even the most intrepid of holiday spirits.


So don’t. The typical homeowner only hangs Christmas lights one time, one year, but the TurfWork technicians decorate hundreds of houses every season, safely, securely, and efficiently, well before the holiday hustle and in half the time. We use only high-quality, commercial grade, durable LED lights, and we know all the tried and trusted tricks of the trade for helping your strings stay put without damaging your property. We can even install timers and sensors to make operating your optical sensation a breeze.


Professional Christmas Light Installation in Oklahoma City

If this is the year you’re going all out on your Christmas lights, don’t take the chance of a less-than-perfect display. Make sure your holiday panorama packs a punch and call the experts at TurfWorks. We can complete most residential or commercial installations within a few hours, and we can work with any budget and schedule. Our comprehensive, professional Christmas light installation services for homes and businesses include the purchase, installation, removal, and storage of commercial grade heavy-duty LED lights, and we have all the auxiliary equipment needed to hang them easily, safely, and securely, including quality clips, heavy-duty extension cords, three-way connectors, and dual-outlet lighting sensing timers.

Why stress when you can simply celebrate? Create a Christmas display to delight in while skipping the hassle of hanging lights yourself and contact TurfWorks today!

Oklahoma’s Lawn Care and Landscaping Task Calendar

Oklahoma’s Lawncare and Landscaping Task Calendar

Oklahoma, and Zone 7 more broadly, gets its fair share of all kinds of weather, temperatures, and moisture levels throughout the year. That means your lawn care strategy needs to be flexible and able to adjust with the seasons. While every lawn is unique and requires its own type of care, here’s a general roadmap to keeping your Oklahoma lawn healthy, strong, and beautiful all year round.


Pre-emergent Herbicide Application: Now’s the time to give your lawn a good dose of pre-emergent herbicide to prevent annual weeds like crabgrass from sprouting and gaining a foothold in your yard. Pre-emergent herbicide should be applied when the soil temperature is around 55°F, typically late February or early March in Oklahoma. This preventative step will help save you expense and headache on weed treatments later in the year.


Tree and Shrub Trimming: Winter is the perfect season for trimming trees and shrubs. Doing it now minimizes the stress on the plants and helps keep diseases from spreading. Snip away any dead, damaged, or diseased branches, and shape them how you like.


Spring Clean Up: Warming weather is a good time to clear away any leaves or debris that has collected on your lawn. This allows sun, water, and nutrients to reach the grass roots more effectively.

Feeding the Lawn: Your lawn has been dormant all winter, but now it’s ready for the nutrients it needs to green up and grow. Use a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer, but make sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid over-fertilization, which can burn up the grass.


Core Aeration: Core aeration is essentially pulling up small plugs of soil from your lawn. This helps to alleviate soil compaction, improve water and nutrient absorption, and stimulate root growth. While this is usually a spring task, it can be a great way of preparing your lawn in the fall as well.


Overseeding: If your lawn is looking a little thin or patchy, you may need to overseed it to fill in any bare spots and boost the overall density and health of your lawn Choose an appropriate grass variety for your lawn that thrives in Oklahoma, like Bermuda, perennial ryegrass, buffalo grass, zoysia, or fescue. The right type of grass depends on factors like your existing lawn, the amount of shade it gets, and your watering schedule. 



Watering: As the temperature rises, so does

 your lawn’s water requirement. Lawns typically need about 1 inch of water per week, including whatever the rain brings.


Mowing: Establish a mowing schedule that keeps your grass about 2.5 to 3 inches tall. This helps shade the soil (which reduces water evaporation), keeps pesky weeds in check, and prevents the grass from getting too thick to mow efficiently.


Post-emergent Herbicides: Post-emergent herbicide is a good way to treat weeds that may have survived or cropped up after your pre-emergency treatment. Weeds compete with your grass for sun, water, and nutrients, so get rid of them before they take over.


Summer Upkeep: Summers in Oklahoma can be brutally hot and dry, a big departure from the cool, wet spring. Evaluate your mowing, water, and weed control schedules. You may need to mow less frequently, or mow at a higher level to help the grass stay cool and moist. If the weather’s particularly hot and dry, you might need to water a bit more often, and try to avoid using pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers on hot or dry grass.


Pest Control: Keep an eye out for signs of lawn pests, like brown spots, and treat as needed.


Disease Control: The summer heat and humidity can sometimes encourage lawn diseases. If you see any strange spots or discoloration, it might be time for a fungicide treatment.


Fall Feeding: A good feeding in late fall can help prepare your lawn for winter and encourage faster greening when spring rolls around.


Fall Tidy-Up: Keep your lawn clear of fall leaves and debris that can suffocate grass, cause mold or mildew, and harbor pests.

Trust TurfWorks for a Healthy Yard All Year Long

Keeping a beautiful, lush lawn healthy all year in Oklahoma is no small feat, and knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to do it for the best results takes expertise and know-how. Don’t leave the condition of your lawn to the mercy of Mother Nature; rely on the professional lawn care services from TurfWorks to figure out how to get the most out of your yard.


TurfWorks is a local full-service lawn care and landscaping company providing everything you need to enjoy a lawn that’s truly enviable. From fertilization and irrigation systems to landscape design and flower bed maintenance, we help your commercial or residential property put its best face forward with stunning aesthetics and maximum curb appeal. What’s more, we’re so confident you’ll be satisfied with the quality of our work that we guarantee our services and never require a contract.


Why try to wrangle your yard when you can call the pros? Contact TurfWorks today to request a free quote and find out how we work with your budget and schedule to deliver the results your lawn deserves!