3 Tips for Making an Amazing Christmas Lights Display

This is it. This year is the year you’re finally going to get serious about your Christmas lights display. The problem is…you don’t know where to start.


The experienced technicians at TurfWorks have a few suggestions for creating a great scene that’s sure to get people talking. TurfWorks is a fully licensed and insured professional lawn care and landscaping company, and after decades of helping homes and businesses in and around the Oklahoma City metro area get into the holiday spirit, we’ve learned what it takes to make your property shine for the season.


Creativity. Get those creative juices flowing early. You can watch old Christmas movies for inspiration, or choose a theme, such as a specific aspect of the season, but the pros at TurfWorks recommend picking something unique that you can get excited about, even if it’s outside the traditional tableau.


Here are 7 “outside the box” ideas for your Oklahoma Christmas light display:

  1. Show your favorite logo some love. OSU? OU? OKC Thunder? Whoever you root for, make sure everyone knows it with a perfectly lighted profile of your favorite team’s logo.
  2. Keep it classy with colors. Instead of a logo, stick to your favorite team’s colors for a simple, streamlined, yet stunning display of dedication. OU’s crimson and cream are perfect for this time of year, while OSU’s orange or the Thunder’s blue add a festive touch from Halloween through the New Year.
  3. Embrace the Oklahoma pioneer in you and instead of Santa’s sleigh, attach lighted yard reindeer to a replica Conestoga wagon and create a Land Run on your very own lawn.
  4. Get musical and plan a light show coordinated with your favorite team’s fight song or the theme song to “Oklahoma.”
  5. Recreate Oklahoma City’s iconic scissortail flycatcher sculpture…in your yard.
  6. Your boat isn’t going to the lake anytime soon, so put it to work. Attach lights and place Santa in the driver’s seat or fishing off the side. While you’re at it, you might as well dress up the camper sitting in your driveway, too, and add an animated display of your favorite holiday character waving from the window.
  7. When in doubt, or if you can’t decide, you can’t go wrong with a holiday montage mashup. Sometimes a favorite holiday panorama is one that includes everything you love about the Christmas season.


Planning. Once you’ve settled on an idea, you’ll need to make a blueprint to map out your display. Be sure to include measurements so you know how many strings of lights to get. Pro tip: plan for extras. If you need 150 lights, buy 200 just in case, to make replacements easy and quick and ensure there’s no downtime for your dazzling display


Now is another good time to bring in the experts at TurfWorks. Because they’re already well-versed in making your home or business look beautiful, the team at TurfWorks can look at your property from an aesthetic standpoint and help you determine the best way to achieve your dazzling dreams, from what types of lights to use where and how to make your seasonal scene stand out.


Proper installation. Hanging Christmas lights is a common trope in holiday movies and books for a reason—it’s a serious hassle. Whether you’ve waited until the last minute and find yourself trying to set up your display in the middle of an Oklahoma ice storm, or you can’t get your strings to withstand the Oklahoma winter wind, installing Christmas lights yourself can be a trying task for even the most intrepid of holiday spirits.


So don’t. The typical homeowner only hangs Christmas lights one time, one year, but the TurfWork technicians decorate hundreds of houses every season, safely, securely, and efficiently, well before the holiday hustle and in half the time. We use only high-quality, commercial grade, durable LED lights, and we know all the tried and trusted tricks of the trade for helping your strings stay put without damaging your property. We can even install timers and sensors to make operating your optical sensation a breeze.


Professional Christmas Light Installation in Oklahoma City

If this is the year you’re going all out on your Christmas lights, don’t take the chance of a less-than-perfect display. Make sure your holiday panorama packs a punch and call the experts at TurfWorks. We can complete most residential or commercial installations within a few hours, and we can work with any budget and schedule. Our comprehensive, professional Christmas light installation services for homes and businesses include the purchase, installation, removal, and storage of commercial grade heavy-duty LED lights, and we have all the auxiliary equipment needed to hang them easily, safely, and securely, including quality clips, heavy-duty extension cords, three-way connectors, and dual-outlet lighting sensing timers.

Why stress when you can simply celebrate? Create a Christmas display to delight in while skipping the hassle of hanging lights yourself and contact TurfWorks today!