Image of a lush, green lawn full of healthy grass.

3 Lawn Maintenance Tips from Experts

There is no denial that lawn happens to be a happy place for many. The goodness of soothing grass and pleasant fragrance of blooms works like a therapy- it uplifts the spirits and makes a person forget all that takes a toll on their mind and body. However, one can feel rejuvenated in their yard only if it is well-maintained and brightly-landscaped. Being a leading lawn care company of Midwest City OK, we have decided to share with you some tips that will keep your turf every fresh and healthy. Stick with this read to learn tips that work nothing less than magic-

Best Maintenance Tips for Lawn Care in Midwest City OK

  • Fix Lawn Spots

Bald spots in the lawn look very off-putting. If you ever witness a bare spot in your lawn, immediately reseed the place and water it every morning until it germinates. This basic lawn care Midwest City tip will help you grow the grass near the spot faster and better.

  • Thicken your Patchy Lawn

A patchy, thinning lawn is again disappointing and unpleasant. To make your turf look and feel lush, regularly spread new seeds, pull weeds and remove debris, aerate the lawn, and make sure to mow the lawn very closely. This will ensure a healthy growth and fewer chances of empty appearances.

  • Achieve a Super-Green Turf

A green lawn is bliss! To achieve a refreshing yard, you need to take care of a few things. Like, water deeply, not frequently. Try to kill weeds via herbicides when the weather is mild and rain isn’t in the forecast! Also, make sure to feed your lawn well before it goes to its slumber in winter days. These tried and true tips will help you redeem the look of your lawn!

We at TurfWorks know several such practical tips that are ideal to improve the aesthetics of a lawn. No matter what’s the size of your turf and how the current landscape looks like, we can transform it and make it look the best lawn in the entire neighborhood. To contact our team for better consultation, visit us here.